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Hard working middle class woman

In a nut shell I worked really hard in my twenties getting a better education so that I could stand on my own and raise a family. My husband and I met in the military and served a combined 15 years of service. He stayed home for four years with my two young boys so that I could work and finish nursing school. We were told that we made to much to even get food stamps while I was working and going to school full time. Thank god for the Montegomery GI bill, or I would have not been financially able to continue my education after leaving the service. It has now been 12 years since I was honorably discharged and I did get my degree in Nursing. I am still living pay check to pay check but find out ways to work extra shifts to pay for the extras I want my children to be able to have, sports activities and an occasional fun night out. Gas prices have made a huge difference in our choices. Going to the movies is out of the question. My husband works hard and his pay check is the same amount I pay for in taxes every year. People don't believe it until we show them. WE make a combined total of about 120 thousand a year. I know that we are better off than most but it is hard to work this hard for something and feel like you haven't made much of a difference financially. Luckily we have put some away into a 401 k but constant dipping into is hard to swallow. Thanks for reading my story.
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