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Thirty year Nurse

M/Caid is surely needed. As a Nurse of over thirty years I have seen it work wonders for those patients that could not afford help at home and in the Hosp. I worked in a big Hosp. in the New York area for many years in Management....and was privy to what M/Caid could do for those who were on hard times. Our Childrens Hosp. had wonderful stories that made the paper headlines and indeed put us on the map. I witness these Childrens entire outlook change and a few were leaning towards the Health Field as they got older. How good can you get and it is M/Caid that was this impetus. Our Hosp. and many others were not only able to save and change lives with the help of M/Caid but, afforded our Hosp. the means to develop new strategies ( med. combinations for HIV and surgeries) to insure a better Quality of life for those patients who would not have had this chance. Yes, M/Caid needs to be looked at as do other programs....but to touch the elderly ( especially on hard times ) who have given there dues is not the "best practice" and to touch children is just plan immoral. Government should (and this should have been implemented years ago) have a task force of Nurses, M.D.'s, and good Govenment Health sector people looking at areas that fraud may be present in M/caid ( and believe it is out there ) to eliminate what could be millions of dollars of abuse , so that those who really need this help can get it. Govern ment, I offer my help and I know that Mom's Rising does too.
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