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There is no affordable childcare!

I work in education and besides loving my work I knew I would want to spend time with my family when I found someone to have one with. A 10 month contract for my work would allow me that luxury.

I married late and after several years we decided to add to our family through adoption. Ten years ago we were fortunate to find our biologically related daughter & son, who had just turned 8 & 3 when we came home. Thanks to Family Medical Leave Act I was able to spread out my time off from work to 2 days per week, (working 3/5 time) so that I could be "home" for our children their first year 4 days per week. I maintained our health insurance and earned some money at the same time (3/5 of my salary.)

I had my son in a wonderful day care for the 3 days I was working. I had to pay someone to take him in as they opened at 7AM, but my train into the city to work left at 6:50AM. That was $90 per week ($360-$387) in addition to the day care. His Day Care was calculated on the number of Mondays in the month (with no substitutions allowed). Four Mondays were $900. and 5 Mondays was $1,100. per month for 3 full days, as I could pick him up myself at 5PM.

On 3/5 pay that was not affordabel. But none were. That was 10 years ago!! I know how fortunate I was to be able to sacrifice and do what I did to work and have my family.

My husband was also employed as a carpenter his vocation for 25 years. It's been 5 years since he has worked. But that is another story. Suffice it to say he is not a Mr. Mom. We could never afford our family (of back then, with that Day Care bill) today!

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