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Ridiculous and Unconstitutional

I have been unemployed since January 2013. I have had several interviews or broken promises from so called agencies or consulting firms. Filing a claim was degrading. You work for years and told you allowed to get pennies back. The cost of living in Somerset County is high. I don't qualify for many programs like Catholic charities, Wic, etc. The rules to get any are very restrictive and ridiculous. I have never had a problem finding a job but now I do and I am a parent. Kids do not ask to be here but as a parent you have to provide and make sure they are educated. I can't even put my child in school because I was to by Somerset board of education that it is a waiting list and it's only half a day. Wow. I have always paid for my child to be in school and it hurts that she isn't not in school cause I don't qualify for help. I called the counsel man and nothing. Unemployment has helped me although they lowered the original amount. It's hard from have good credit and figuring out how to pay rent, car note, and food! I'm a educated professional! This is the worst. Companies are sending jobs oversees still in this area. Please extend the unemployment extension for at least a year. I have had some interviews before Christmas so I'm praying that one offers me a job by next week. Help!!!
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