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Republican is a Dirty word in my home.

It wasn't always that way. My great grandfather was a U.S Senator for Delaware, my grandfather a U.S. representative for PA, and I was proud of their work. I was raised with a respect for the need to work together even through disagreements- that was the party of old.

I hear Congress talking about families canceling their vacations, I see them using unpaid officers to keep them safe, and I am so angry I could spit. They are so out of touch with what it means to be a regular, working family! My husband works for the IRS, he is furloughed, as is my friend up the street and my neighbor. Our families are sad and angry because we don't know what to expect. I am a Social Worker who left an academic institution with decent pay to work in North Philadelphia, unpaid, because this is the work that matters to me and because We felt my husband's job was secure enough to allow this. John Boehner and his crew have decided to take that away from us with no end in sight.

They are taking not only money away from us, it is our sense of security and worth. we feel we don't matter because we have all worked very hard to be able to do this work for the government or work in support of healthy communities. It is outrageous that Congress would harm our families and our communities for their own egotistical agenda- this is not work for America.

I thank those Republicans who have stepped forward to say that they will now vote to reopen the government, that was courageous. It is not easy to say "I tried and it did not work". But they did. Sadly, Boehner won't even respect his own colleagues enough to vote. This self interested corruptness undermines our ability to work and live together as a community. Boehner is anything BUT a leader.

I guess I should say thank you, this has shown me that I have been too complacent. I thought that while I was trying to balance taxing work, raising two children, caring for a mother with cancer and trying to be a dependable part of my family and community, that I could TRUST Congress to do the right thing. I was wrong and now I see that. Now in addition to the above I will work as hard as I can to hold politicians accountable so other families don't have to fear that their government will hold them hostage.

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