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pre-existing conditions...boy do I EVER have them

I have a pre-existing condition...I have asthma and MS AND an immune deficiency. I was "fortunate" enough to be diagnosed with a progressively degenerative neurological disorder by the age of 19 - meaning that I was able to file to become a disabled dependent and not lose my insurance coverage when I turned 23. However, this means that I cannot move too far from my parents...and I absolutely cannot get married - or I would lose my insurance and GOOD LUCK TO ME! trying to get any other insurance to ever cover me again. For that matter, I sure hope my step-dad stays employed and lives forever because I'll lose my insurance coverage then too...

My sister had thyroid cancer - and was "lucky" to have it manifest right before her birthday - so she could have emergency surgery to have the tumor removed before she lost insurance coverage. After that it was years before she was able to graduate from college and be able to afford to buy her own insurance through her job as a teacher - and even then she was required to wait for MONTHS before she was able to actually benefit at all from the coverage that she bought because of her "pre-existing condition" she went for years without follow up care for her cancer - or the ability to see a doctor and have her medication adjusted so she could function normally with 3/4 of her thyroid gone.

I understand that pre-existing conditions like mine cost money - but I should not have to be afraid that the medications I receive that help me be able to live my life as normally as possible should become completely inaccessible to me because of my conditions - none of which have a cure, so they're not going away.

And for that matter, I have a 4th pre-existing condition - I'm a WOMAN! which means that I need birth control as part of my health care. I should not only have the choice to use birth control but ready access to it through whatever insurance I happen to have.

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