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Our Fiscal Cliff

I am a mother of three beautiful and intelligent daughters. One is grown and independant, one is eleven, and the other just turned 18 and moved in with her sister, the independant one in order to save for college. We can't afford to send our daughter directly to college so she is working and saving and establishing residency so she can go and pursue her degree in a year or two. This recession has hit my family hard. My husband has not had a full time job in three years. He works here and there whenever he can, but has no benefits. I work Fulltime and insure myself and my daughters but cannot afford to cover him.

Our fiscal cliff is both no health care coverage for my husband and trying to assist our 18 year old with her college monetary needs. Its hard to be a mother of 50 and not be able to give your child the money she needs to pursue her education. She is a bright, lovely honor student who is an over achiever and a joy to know. She not only got excellent grades in school, but gave back to her community by running the Ecos club at her High school as well as oversaw the Ecology club at the local grade school. She deserves a chance to succeed. If our taxes go up, I fear that she may not get the opportunity to pursue her dreams. She wants to be a Marine Biologist. Please please please, give her a chance.

My Husband has been blessed with good health most of the time but when he gets sick or needs medication, we stand on that Fiscal cliff again. He is asthmatic and needs regular meds and has had a recent auto accident resulting in minor injuries. Such things take a "bite out out of our budget" and we have looked over the edge of that fiscal cliff a few times. Please keep us from having to jump off. Please support the end of the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy and keep our expenses down.

Thank you for you time

Sophia Loner

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