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No Misfits Allowed in America

It is hard for me to summarize here how necessary it is for some of my family members to receive Medicaid and disability payments without further cuts. There is a saying that you can judge a country better, not by what it does for its wealthy, but what it does for its poor and sick. If that is true, america is in big trouble. I have a mother who is (and always has been) mentally ill; a brother who is retarded; and a sister who is functionally retarded. None of them can fend for themselves, and one of my sisters (saint that she is) has devoted her life to their care--with only the meager payments from the government for support/help. My mother is now in a Nursing Home with Parkinson's Disease, and she cannot be left alone. They get by only because of Medicaid; our family cannot afford medical care for her ourselves. We all work full-time, and we all barely get by with our own families. Our medical insurance is skyrocketing, costs of everything are up, and our wages have been decreased or frozen. Meanwhile, we have spent trillions on the Iraq/Afghanistan "war" on terror; have given billions to corrupt bankers; have bailed out CEO's who got multi-million dollar bonuses (and still are). Yet we are cutting the $500.00/month my mentally ill mother gets and my retarded siblings get. Wow. What a country. Our politicians are crooks, and we are getting crooked by them. Who do we vote for who is NOT corrupt?
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