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Nephew with mental illness

I have a 32-year-old nephew with mental illness. He is now a functioning member of society because of Social Security disability and Medicaid.

Medicaid not only pays for all his medication, without which he would not be a functioning memeber of society, but it also pays for his transportation to a work center where he takes classes on job skills and job search skills. During one of the Congressional budget impasses, Medicaid funding was cut. As a result, Medicaid said they could no longer pick up transportation costs to the work center. This seemed incredibly short-sited to me because it ws those classes that would enable my nephew to get a job and get off of Medicaid. So Congress is willing to cut funding to Medicaid for people who have no money and yet decrease taxes to the wealthy. It makes absolutely no sense, it is so unfair, and it makes me very angry. I say increase taxes on the wealthy so socila programs such as Medicaid and Social Security can continue to help America's disadvantaged and, in my nephew's case, enable him to become a functioneing memebr of society so he no longer needs Medicaid and Social Security disability. The wealthy 1% of this country don't need more money. The disadvantaged of this country do.

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