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My story

I found out that I was officially soon to be out of work by a posting on a bulletin board at work, after coming back from my first short staycation in years. Soon after, they put the ones that did not hear the news the day before in a "meeting" and read the official statement from the company, March 2011, I would be out of work, in a short 6 months. I called my sister after the meeting and told her the bad news, I also ended up leaving because I could not deal. I did not know what was gonna happen. I had never been out of work and this was a nightmare. They claimed that the local unemployment agency in VA and they would have people in to interview with. I looked around and nothing was out there! The time flied by and the help from unemployment was few and far between and the companies that came in to interview were rather useless. So, I went onto unemployment and was lost.

Months went by with no luck, some with no interviews even. I finally found a small part-time job that did not help much, if anything it ended up hurting me. Some time into my unemployment, it was suddenly stopped saying I did not need it anymore, per what I was telling them. I thought WTH, I made nothing from unemployment and barely anything from my job. It appeared, somehow, that it showed I was making thousands of dollars in my weekly claims into unemployment. There was no explanation as to how that happened, but my sister and I nearly lost everything because it took a couple months to get my benefits back. I finally did get a full-time job where my sister worked, but less than a year into my employment there, I lost my job again and so did my sister!

I got a rather descent part-time job about 6 months into my unemployment this time around. Luckily because my employer did not have to pay unemployment for I believe it was about a year because they said I was still under my first employers claim. My sister was on unemployment for about 2 years. Thanks to the period where you have to reestablish your need for unemployment, because of all the extensions, my sister stopped receiving her unemployment and because of that, we could not pay rent and lost our apartment.

My sister finally got a full-time job and I am still at my part-time job, but we do not make near the same amount of money we use to and we are trying to dig out of the years of being broke.

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