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My letter to Brian Williams at NBC News

To Brian Williams: You are a heck of a guy and I love your wit, but soon I will not be watching any mainstream media. Your reporting about the outrageous costs of Obamacare is just plain ridiculous. I just signed up. Sure it took awhile and the website was less than perfect, but I signed up for a plan that is cheaper and covers way more than I have had in years. And I do qualify for the subsidy.

It is time for all media outlets to start thinking and reporting outside the box. We have been self employed for over 30 years. NEVER in all of those years has our health insurance NOT gone up each year with reduced benefits and higher deductibles. So your and other outlets reporting that people want to keep their old plan because it was so awesome must have gotten it from Mars. Blue Cross not only cancelled my insurance but told me I could keep it if I wanted to pay $100 a month with even less benefits. There is no such thing as keeping an old plan exactly the same year after year.

I fear this vanilla reporting with no actual journalism involved will be the downfall of the country. Add that to the idiots in Washington D.C. who don't even know how real people live just frustrates the you know what out of me.

A tip from us, Austin & Austin Accounting: The trick to health care is to take your time, know your policy, and if the whole tax aspect of this is confusing, get with a reliable accountant. And Obamacare needs to get with an accountant as well, since they have about 20 definitions of your net income. Choosing the correct one is the key to getting the subsidies and correct health plan for you.

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