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My Beloved Brother Committed Suicide on July 30, 2013

My "story title" tells the "ending" of my story in the most honest and clear terms! My 54 year old brother, Robert, was struggling with his life circumstances and battling -- by himself -- his deteriorating mental health because he had NO insurance to receive the help he desparately needed ....mental health counseling and prescription drugs. His employer, Enterprise, cut his hours to part-time earlier this year in order to avoid having to pay him and all the other Enterprise employers in his same "status" health care coverage. Enterprise's excuse for cutting his hours: "Obamacare". He was actually told, "Don't blame us, blame Obamacare." THIS is how corporate Americs is "treating" their employees who need a "living wage" and "health insurance" the most. IT IS CRIMINAL and it is happening all around the country. Left untreated, my brother's depression worsened until he fell into an acute state of paranoia (psychosis). He reached the "mental state" where he believed he was left with NO other option than to end his pain by his own actions because EVERYONE had failed him -- his employer, his government, his society that still stigmizes "mental health issues" and makes those who need the help the most avoid trying to get it because then they will have to "admit" to their mental frailities and risk stigma and job discrimination. My brother did go once to his local mental health services in Bullhead City, AZ, but, unfortunately he did not heed my advice to return. He was convinced that without insurance and money to pay for "expensive drugs", he could not and would not get the help he desparately needed especially in the days leading up to his suicide when his paranoia left him (in his mind) with no other choice but to take his own life. THIS IS MY STORY. THIS IS MY BROTHER'S STORY -- MY BROTHER WHO IS NO LONGER WITH US AND ABLE TO TELL HIS OWN STORY. HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE THE SAME STORY AS MY BROTHER AND I? HOW MANY OTHERS' STORIES WILL END LIKE MY BROTHER'S?? THIS IS NO LESS THAN A "LIFE AND DEATH" MATTER!
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