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Who can afford to stay at home with the kids?

I have a University Degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. My husband and I chose to have me "stay at home" with our two children. Though we lived frugally, (we were able to do this on one income because of the good, solid job my husband had), our kids had excellent child care-- me!

Stacks and stacks of books and NO TV....... Fresh country air, pure water, homegrown fruits and vegetables, and woods and field to let the imagination soar! One graduated in the Top Ten of their class and the other was the Valedictorian at graduation. (Public Schools)

Educated, loving hands with the TIME and CARE to give to children produces excellence and good, solid citizenry. Our democracy will strengthen with a better educated citizenry. Citizens are then better able to take care of themselves and participate intelligently in upholding a sound government. We have been working on this tenet of democracy since our nation's inception. Dollars and excellence spent on the earliest years of life save exponential dollars at the other end (fewer jails, victims of fraud, divorces, orphans, sickness and poverty).

But who can afford to do this now? Raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations! Close tax loopholes. Strengthen unions for better wages and benefits. When people have money they drive the economy with demand.

Republican "economic theories" are bogus and have been proven WRONG! Progressive policies must come back to keep from falling further into a feudal society of poverty, ignorance and misery.

Overworked, underpaid parents can't afford time or money to ensure quality childcare for their offspring. Sadly, they can neither afford the time or energy to give quality care with their own hands, nor have the money to give to professionals who can. Participation with school events, cooperation and volunteering drops to devastating levels. This is not what we want or need! This is not what our children need or want.

Undereducated, emotionally manipulated citizens are falling prey to both being dupes and voting for puppets of corporations, as we are quickly losing our democracy. Corporations are even obliterating our history for their own avaricious ends. What a shame! DO Something!

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