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Waiting for the dust to clear and some clear choices

I am still one of the uninsured whom the heath care industry says I have a preexisting condition, or so they say. The interesting part is that I have only needed minor heath services since I lost my job and insurance about six years ago. I have paid my way and kept my self healthy. I've not been to the emergency room or been a drag on society as critics claim.

Staying away from doctors might be good. Western medicine does have some problems, a pill for this or that. But that's another story.

I would very much like to have some affordable reliable insurance that would not be canceled or told it was no good if needed. The present system of health insurance is still in flux, waiting for different laws to kick in. Confusion and misinformation are everywhere. Who should I trust for my best interests?

I certainly do not trust the insurance companies to sell me reliable insurance. I'm still told it's very expensive and prices have not come down. I do believe they would sock it to me for every dollar they could get. They want profits, not health insurance in my best interests.

Do I sleep well at night? Yes, I do. I did support the reforms, but I wanted single payer or a public option. I would not want the reforms repealed. That would just make it worse. Putting insurance companies in the drivers seat is the problem. I doubt they will change their ways after all the profits they have made. Why quit now? They're in the business to make a profit and that's the problem.

Those who wish to deny others affordable insurance, or feel that health care should be only for the well to do will reap the consequences. How we treat the weakest in our society in a reflection of the society as a whole.

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