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Two years ago I was diagn...

Two years ago I was diagnosed with ms (multiple sclerosis). I had insurance but chose to not get treated to hide the fact that I had a pre-existing condition because my managers position was going to be eliminated (Idid find a new job at half the pay) . I changed over to my wife's insurance because it was a better plan but then due to the economy there was a chance she might lose her job or the cost of her insurance would go up(to where we couldn't afford it , we still have children), so again I chose not to be treated to conceal my existing disease. My condition continued to get worse but I could not take the chance of being identified with a pre-existing condition in case we lost our medical insurance. The treatment for ms is long term and expensive so I can not afford to start any treatment untill our insurance situation is stable. I did not want to take the chance of bankrupting my family because eventually I would need treatment just to survive. With the new health care laws I can now start treatment to slow down the progression of the disease with out the fear of financially devistating the future of our family. I do not understand how any human being can believe that making a profit off of the misfortune of others is morally acceptable.


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