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There is a saying that I ...

There is a saying that I try to live by daily...."do unto others as you would have them do unto you". When little Charlie Ray is sick, and there is no where or no nanny to care for him, then you take your sick day off to care for him because there is no person on this world whom Charlie Ray would want to be under than his mom or dad when he is not feeling his best. Well, if we would, "do unto others," then we would not have a problem with making employers provide sick days for their employees when those uncompromisable decision have to be made. I know beyond a shadow of doubt how life decision can be hard. My husband, after 9 years of work and over 800 hours of sick leave, lost his job, and was unemployed for 10 months. This lost leaving me as the only financial source, forced me to make hard decisions as I had just started a new job, and had to wait 6 months before I could take sick leave. I became ill, and went to work everyday. If I was able to use sick leave, then my illness would have been half the time. Because I had to go to work sick, several of the patients I cared for became very ill, thus causing the company to loose way more money than they would have lost if they had given me 8-16 hours of pay. I need paid sick days because I want you to, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and since most it not all elected officials are able to be compensated when they are off to care for their kids, animals, parents, or themselves, shouldn't I be afforded the same opportunity?
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