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I became an advocate for better quality child care when my daughter was physically abused in a licensed Family Child Care Home. The provider had been tying our children up and leaving them in hot stuffy closets for hours. This was a regular occurance in this FCCH.

I learned that 85% of licensed Family Child Care Homes do not carry the liability insurance they are required to carry - parents of children who are abused or have an accident in an uninsured FCCH will find it very difficult to hire a lawyer and pursue that provider in civil court as without insurance the lawyer is not assured of getting paid.

I learned that licensing visit a licensed Family Child Care Home on average once every 5 years.

I learned that 16% of FCCH got out of business their first 6 months. 33% go out of Business their first year.

Nationwide only 5% of our child care center capacity is for infants so we don't even have a choice of putting our infants in child care centers even if we can pay the cost of care. The centers do not want to take this age group because they are operating as for profit businesses and the profitable age group is the pre-schoolers.

I learned that there are lots of parents who qualify for publicly funded child care but they are on the waiting list as there is insufficient funds for that.

I learned that many centers either do not take publically funded children or they quietly limit their numbers as public funds fall short of their actual fees and they have to abide by stricter standards to take Title V publically funded children.

I figured there had to be a better way to do this and started visiting centers and talking to directors.


By bringing together government, businesses and individuals we will fund our business model and make it transparent for others to see accross the Nation, empowering other cities to do similar programs. To learn how you can help visit us at

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