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Is it worth it for the Providers?

First, I will say I am not a parent with children in childcare, but I am a childcare practitioner. I love caring for, teaching, and guiding children. I have been in the childcare/teaching field for over 12 years. I work with my parents in every way possible. I just wonder sometimes is it really worth it.

I wrote several letters to the senate during the PA budget impasse, but when it's passed and all is said and done, where does the money really go? I am a family home childcare practitioner and I have an associate degree in child and family study and still in school to get my bachelors degree in psychology. I do all this for the children and families I serve. But again is it worth it?

Trainings and most of early educational funding go toward centers, headstart programs, and the thing I dislike most "Pre-k counts". Why do I say I dislike it? Because it has taken away from family providers and group providers who don't have the pre-k counts teachers. I called a school with pre-k counts to ask if I could send some fliers to give to parents to offer before and after school care. Of course they said they don't solicit for any day cares. I was furious. Someone told me that pre-k counts was created to work with day cares but they are not. They just took our children because parents think because it is in a school or a building, and it is free; that the teachers know more. I worked for headstart for three years and was a wonderful teacher. I am still a teacher in my home daycare, but because I am in a home I don't get the recognition and pre-k counts and headstart are free, so they take my business that I love. However, If I apply to work for them I wouldn't qualify and probably can teach all their "qualified" teacher under the table.

Yes, I may sound like an angry person. However, I am not angry, just fed up with all this, "write to get more money" stuff. I write, but I never get any direct help. And don't even get me started on the "Pa Stars" program. They will give a six hundred dollar grant that covers nothing. I may not have "Center" status or a building but my basement is set up just like a preschool with areas and the works. I need to have help to get things that I can't afford and six hundred dollars, although grateful, it is just not enough to set up.

I don't mind writing to senates to get more funding or keep it coming, but please help people like me who offer high quality care, really care for children (its not just a job for me), go to school, and try to make the experience wonderful.

I need children but the "centers, pre-k counts, and headstart" take the children because they are free programs or can afford to give grants to parents. It is just not fair to be looked over like nobody when I work hard everyday just like the other "teachers" in this field. Please don't look over us. Look to us and we can help build better programs for our children. Why does someone have to have 2-3 centers in one area (North Braddock) like "4kids learning center?" Why do they have to have all the children? It is getting ridiculous and I am to my wits end and ready to quit. I just can't take being treated like this anymore. I am still here, although I feel this way. But I would like to get a chance to show my skills and do what I love and that is "Caring for Kids!" Yes, we need money in the early childhood field but family daycare homes need help too!



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