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I am a full time working ...

I am a full time working mother. I am married and have a daughter who is two years old.

I am very blessed to work at a non-profit where family is very important. We have paid sick days that I can use, but am very aware of the fact that most mothers do not have this ability. Even with a husband, I am the full time caregiver to our daughter. I am the one who is called when our child is sick. I am the one who is expected to take off from work to get her or stay home when she is not feeling well. Luckily, my place of employment is supportive of me, or this would be a very stressful issue.

Fathers also need additional support for being able to take the time off. Our society relegates that the mothers should take the time off, should stay home when the kid is sick, and take all primary kid responsibilities. When the fact is that companies need to acknowledge that fathers must also participate in staying home with the children when they are sick. My husband's job does not say it, but frowns upon him taking sick days for his kids - even though they have plenty of sick days to do so. Employers need to also recognize the flexibility that fathers need to participate in family responsibilities!

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