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Enterprise-dont- have -children and work for us

i worked at Enterprise rent a car for 3 years. I went through 2 pregnancys. My first pregnancy went pretty well. I was a new mom getting used to work life balance. My daughter was watched by family the first 4 months and then a private sitter for over a year. She was hardly ever sick. I never had to miss work due to illness.

I found out in Aug 2009 I was pregnant again. I figured once I told everyone at work they would be happy for me since it was a suprise pregnancy. Well my branch manager was pissed. She sent me a text saying"How many test have you taken?" I told her 3 all positve. She then replies oh well just keep me posted." I was shocked and hurt because I had been her assistant manager for 2 yrs and this was her reaction? Well the next 9 months were hell. We were short staffed I was left in the office by myself alot and very stressed out. My boss would blame me because she had to wash cars and I could not. She would try to tell when I could take doctor appointments. I got so stressed out I almost went into labor 6 weeks early. My doctor put me on bed reduced work days 5 weeks early and on bed rest 3 weeks early. Also once my daughter got sick with a bad UTI my husband could not take off anymore time. All I asked my boss was to take an extended lunch so I could bring her to the doctor. She said it was inconvient because it was a busy Monday and she could not be alone in the office.After my 10 weeks maternity leave was up I announced I was not coming back. Truth be told had my area and branch manager had not been so mean to me during my pregnancy I would have tried to find a way to make it work. I told my husband it was not worth paying someone 1/2 my check to watch two babies 19 mos apart. They claim to be family oreinted but they are not. Once you have children you become a burden to the company. I was not a mother who was gonna chose the job over the company to get promoted. This company has lost alot of good workeds due to similar cirumstances but never try to fix the problem. It is sad that what should have been a joyful event in my life was not. I was made to feel bad because " I got myself pregnant and they had to deal with me". Because Enterprise Rent A Car is a private company they tend to get away with so much including sexual harrassment, racism and discriminate against parents in the work place. I am happier now staying home doing the hardest job of a stay at home mom but wish their were laws to protect working parents in the work place.

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