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The Costs of Education, Childcare and College

In hopes for a little bit of light at the end of this somewhat dark education tunnel, I have sent this letter to all levels of Government from the Obama team down to state and local levels.

What about the forgotten lower middle class? We carry the burden of full tuition ($100,000) for our oldest to attend college. We have two babies both being in daycare full time, an 18 and 20 year old. My husband is in the Navy and I work full time. We pay our taxes and receive no assistance. We have a responsible mortgage at 5.5% fixed, pay our bills and will most likely lose everything after she graduates college. Being under the age of 24, we are responsible for all costs and have not qualified for any tuition help. We have an 8.5% (ouch) Government Regulated Parent Plus Loan. After graduation, we will have 10 years to repay. Realistically, can we pay $100,000 back at 8.5% and still keep our home, life the way it is and still raise our other children? I worry daily about losing our house. We make very bad jokes in our family like: if I ran out and got pregnant, I could go to school for free (my daughter says half jokingly). If I quit my job and go in base housing, we could collect welfare, food stamps, WIC and Hannah could go to school for free (I say somewhat jokingly). The sad thing is, these bad jokes are real life, they happen daily. I am tired of not being poor enough to be noticed, not being even close to wealthy enough to survive and being too responsible to throw in the towel.

We are taught; if you work hard it pays off in the long run, but does it really? I would like to stop feeling as if we and all others in our same situation are the only ones that support our country instead of constantly taking and being a burden.


The lower middle class, The forgotten, The used and cast aside, The ones that have children to put though college and still have to survive while paying that 8.5% Government Regulated interest for an education.

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