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Childcare Costs Kill the Economy and The American Dream

I had to give up a very good job with benefits after having our 2nd (and final) child. How is it that $20+ hr plus health, paid maternity leave, 3 weeks paid vacation, all paid holidays, and 13 paid sick days is still not enough to be able to afford quality childcare for 2 children? On top of giving up a job I loved we had to move out of state to a state with a much less cost of living while my husband kept his job in our home state. What kind of messed up is this? All because we wanted to have 2 children!!

One question I always ask other Moms who are working is what is their childcare arrangement? I have found that those who seem to be doing well are those who have family help - usually their parents or in-laws. Even on a part time basis this makes a huge dent in childcare costs. So - what about the rest of us who are 100% on our own and not making six figures a year?

If a mother wants to be a stay at home Mom I think she should be able to - but if a Mom wants to work and can't because of childcare costs - well what is that doing to the economy? She now has to work with a much, much tighter budget. She may have to look for health care for her children from the state and go without for herself and her husband.

If something should happen to her husband - illness or injury-where does that leave them? Certainly not able to to just go to work.

What about the so called American Dream? Work hard and it will pay off. How does a young couple afford a home of there own when childcare is more than a mortgage? So they keep paying rent - money down the toilet - which makes them unable to save. If all families had affordable childcare - then more Moms would be working and in turn spending.

I realize socialism is a bad word in America but come on - if I could speak French I would be applying for a new citizenship.

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