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The American Nightmare

I'm a single parent and I have worked full time since my daughter was 1. After paying for daycare fulltime it felt like I was paying for someone to raise my daughter because at the end of the month after paying rent, utilities and $600-$700 a month for chilcare it felt like I was being penalized for being a working mother. I always swore I would not be a statistic and become a "welfare mother." But after working 50hrs a week combined with a commute resulting in little time to spend with my daughter and still unable to buy adequate amounts of groceries it seemed like it wouldn't be so bad to be on welfare. While I worked and payed taxes I received no state assistance for childcare or emergency food stamps. It begins to feel like what's the point? Why not be on welfare? At least I would be able to see my daughter more and get food stamps. Luckily I made it through those days and now I have an eight-year-old and only pay $385 a month for 3hrs after school. Things are still very rough and something has to be done about this. It's not okay that hard working people are working their knuckles to the bone and hardly getting by and hardly being able to spend the amount of time needed to raise a well rounded well taken care of child. The American Dream is a joke the American Dream has become my nightmare. We need to do something about affordable quality childcare. They are our future right? Isn't that what our government shoves down our throat but instead of using our tax dollars to take care of our future they spend it on war or countless other frivolous things (their own luxuries). We need to take back our hard earned money and allocate it to what really matters, our kids and our piece of mind!!
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