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Mine and others' suffering

Except for the last 3 years I have had insurance coverage my entire life. Once I had children I would always think, "I feel so sorry for parents who can't just go to their pediatrician and get antibiotics when their kids have strep, ear infections, etc." There's nothing worse than watching your child suffer and not be able to do anything about it.

Since I lost my insurance benefits I have to pay $70 every time I need to see a doctor and use generic medications and even then I'm not always able to afford them. I have asthma & inhalors are expensive. So something has to give, sometimes I can't buy as much food as I need, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, or go without medications.

All this "we can't afford national healthcare", we have to make cuts across the board, we have to shut down the government is a bunch of crap. Our country is extremely wealthy. It's a matter of priorities. The Republicans and a few supposed Democrats think it's OK to continue funding these illegal and never-ending wars that are bleeding this country dry while cutting programs for the poor (most of whom are women and children), Headstart, unemployment. Forget my dental hygiene, I can't afford teeth cleaning, let alone a filling. I take a lot of Tylenol.

It's so ironic that there was NEVER enough money to provide everyone with healthcare, it would cost Millions that we just couldn't afford. But when Bush needed a scapegoat for the terrorists who attacked our country, all of a sudden there were Trillions to spend to invade Iraq. Amazing. Republicans believe in welfare alright, just not for poor, old, sick, or unemployed people. They only believe in welfare for filthy rich people and filthy rich corporations. They don't need help, they do very well for themselves, but they pay very little if any taxes, and lots of money for incentives.

They also don't regulate banks, stock brokers well, or people like Big Oil at all. Remember when gas rates went from $2.50 or less to almost $4 in 2007-8? Well that wasn't due to any shortage or that oil was more expensive. It was because Big Oil Companies could. They didn't have to justify it at all. Yet it ruined our economy, started the recession. Because with the gas prices so much higher, the cost of transporting goods got higher, so people couldn't afford to buy much, so companies had to lay off people or even close up. 2008 Exxon, Chevron and others made RECORD BILLION $ PROFITS. Profits, not just more money to run the companies.

They're still unregulated. What does that say about our country when we spend Trillions on wars, the Dept. of Defense, the Pentagon, 5 0r 6 'intelligence' agencies - if they're so intelligent, why do we need more than one? Oh that's right, so they can spy on us illegally. We have become a war-mongering country who has bases all over the world (Germany, Cuba, Japan, the Phillipines, etc.). We're so involved in the Middle East it's like a revival of the Crusades.

Like any person, agency or country with too much power, we're abusing that power. So let's UNFUND Homeland Security, UNFUND the wars (including the drone attacks on Syria or any other country),UNFUND NSA, UNFUND the wars, finally ending the number of families grieving a husband, wife, mother, father, son, or daughter, either to death in battle or by suicide and those who's lives are ruined by PTSD. Rudyard Kipling, poet laureate, author of the poem Gunga Din and The Jungle Book, summed up the folly of a country going to war for greed and power, said "If they ask why we died, tell them, because our fathers lied".

We need to make every gov. dept., agency or branch (including all 'black ops'), be accountable, to justify their existence and their budget, while comparing it to keeping food in all our children's tummies, giving them medicine & medical care,

giving jobs to the unemployed (think of how many benefitted from FDR's government funded CCC). We could pay people to build and otherwise do things to benefit our country: build nice low-income housing, clean up and fixing up dilapidated houses and neighborhoods, planting trees, preparing land to plant vegetables for community gardens?

How does the importance of continually building more deadly and sophisticated weapons (our country spends more money on weapons and war than the next top 12 combined!), compare to fixing an education system so broken that nationally one third of our boys are dropping out of high school? How does funding the Dept. of Defense at it's ridiculously huge budgets of Billions compare to making sure there is plenty of money so every kid who wants to go to college or get vocational training has a chance of making their dreams come true?

How does allowing the obscenely wealthy to not pay a higher rate of taxes, which would cause them no discomfort at all, all they'd notice is several less 00's in their bank/investment portfolios, compare to making sure that there is plenty of quality, nurturing and regulated day care centers, that Headstart is available to every child who qualifies, to provide mental health services at no or low-cost for everyone, especially teenagers, and to make sure there are no more homeless people, especially teens.

I look around - I'm a therapist who's been a school social worker - & there are so many kids who go home to empty houses because their parents are busy working. Single parents -almost always moms - often they work 2 jobs, they hardly ever even see their children. And poverty causes depression, including hopelessness, anger, violence & desperate actions. Feeling uncared about and without anyone to help them they soon learn survival of the fittest and do whatever they have to do to survive.

I don't want to live in a country where there is so much pain, hopelessness that things will get better, poverty, loss, physical and medical problems, children with or without families living on the streets. So alone, so afraid, usually victims of abuse/neglect, cold, hungry, so vulnerable to being abducted and/or sexually abused and exploited.

Our priorities are alpha male-oriented and we need to make some major changes and soon.

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