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Middle/Lower Class Family & In-Home Childcare Provider

I am a 39 year old mother of an awesome 6 year old son. I have worked as an in-home childcare provider for the past 7 years. Working with and for children and their families has always been my passion. It is a highly fulfilling and demanding job that goes far beyond a 9 to 5 in many aspects. I am also an online college student pursuing a BA in both Early Childhood Education and Applied Behavioral Science with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher in the future.

It is important for me to use this forum to speak out against raising taxes on the middle class because we simply cannot afford it. As the gap between the upper and lower class widens, the middle class is forced into one category or another, and during trying economical times it is much more likely to fall into the lower class struggles.

In my small childcare business I am very conscious that I am in a position to help families that are in much the same situation as I am. It is a struggle to get from one paycheck to the next for all too many people. Raising taxes on the middle class could cause many negative effects on the everyday lives and overall well-being of many families. It must not be forgotten that it is primarily the middle class that keeps the economy in motion. We are the workers and the consumers. We make up the larger part of the backbone of this country and must be valued as such. It would make much more sense to go where there is money to be taxed, the upper class and extremely wealthy. All classes are interconnected and depend upon each other whether directly or indirectly. Taxing the wealthy instead of the people who are just getting by would be the more intelligent and healthy thing to do in order to keep the economy circulating and prosperous.

Kiyomi Shimabukuro

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