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Medicaid is a life saver

My 83 year old mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2010 and had to have major surgery, chemotherapy, and many tests. If it had not been for Medicaid/Medicare, our family would be ravaged by the mountain of medical bills that was incurred by this debilitating disease. Thank God my mom was enrolled in a QMB program where Medicaid picked up the gap that her Medicare did not pay.

I now have two aunts and an uncle that have been diagnosed with Alzhiemers disease and are in need of provider care. The ReCoup program in Texas states that if a client does not meet certain exemption status, the state will come in and recoup all payouts over 3,000.00 from the homestead of the client. My God, why are our leaders trying to further decimate our elderly who are the backbone of this country? I implore the Legislative/Senate communities to rethink any cuts to Medicare/Medicaid because remember, if you keep living you will face this quandry when you become an elderly citizen. Do not think that your current insurance will protect you because the very Insurance Companies you are protecting because they fund your campaign, will not give a flying fig about you when you face this issue.

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