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I lost my job of 22 1/2 years last June. The 40 of us who were laid off knew it was coming since our company was and is in pretty dire straits, but it stung nevertheless.

I began looking for work the day the layoffs were announced in April and continue looking nine months later. Things are looking up...I have an personal interview that I hope will lead to full-time work within a few weeks. However, this has been the needle in the proverbial haystack. Whether it's my age (53) or skill set, even getting to the interview stage has been a challenge.

In the midst of all this, getting UI has been a lifeline that has kept my bills paid and my head above water. I did receive a severance and that's covering my car payment and my portion of the mortgage, but the majority of my bills are covered by the $350 I've received weekly since July.

However, as of last week, that came to an end. My 26 weeks is apparently up and either my bills don't get paid or it all comes from severance, which will make that drain even quicker than it already had.

Beyond the economics, I just want to get back to work. I've lowered my sights, am applying for jobs I would have scoffed at months ago and even if I do get a job, I'll be making less than half of what I did before. It's been an endless cycle of frustration and Congressional Republicans choose to paint everyone on unemployment with the same broad brush. I'm sure there are scammers out there, but the honest people are getting screwed.

These are people who haven't missed a meal or a bill payment probably in forever and they're holding the pursestrings for those who soon will be?

That's disgusting.

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