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Keep guns out of recreational spaces!

It is absurd that guns will be allowed throughout our state in parks, athletic fields, and buses, usurping local ordinances against them. We and our children should be able to relax and take public transportation, free of the fear of people bringing weapons onto public spaces. You have no way to regulate whether "good guys" or "bad guys" are the ones bringing the guns onto public spaces, so they should be banned altogether. It is a fact that guns, when used "in self defense" are often turned on innocent people, including the defender in the heat of the moment. Many children have been killed by playing with guns laying around. Whose to say someone wouldn't take their gun out and leave it laying around accidentally. We should remove such an opportunity from occurring. We also are a society that is cutting services to our mentally ill. What do you think will happen if they can bring guns to parks? More tragedies like the school shootings. This is such a terrible idea. Please repeal this law. I vote. I do not agree with this law. I will not vote for you if you stand for this law.
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