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It's That Easy

It's enough already the stress of getting only half of your paycheck's worth, but it runs out too soon. Living in a tourist area where only 3 mos. of summer (with a year's worth of work crammed into that 3 or 4 mos. with no benefits or anything) at the end of the season, there's no guarantee of work unless you are :"migrant" and relocate for the other months of more of these low-paying get-a-jobs if you are able to afford to...

....and let's see, those months of earnings go into basics in expenses like keeping up car payments (no gas and miles reimbursement nor for of costs of uniforms) rentals, healthcare, etc., it is hard to have money for the winter months you're off from work.

I was trying to buy a used car with what I earned trading in a dangerous old clunker for something way better. I got a check from a settlement and used the clunker as a $2000 trade-in and told them how much I had, when I was due to return to work next season and what I was receiving for unemployment insurance inbetween. The dealership told me they didn't really count the unemployment as income. I was just lucky that my employer was still in town post-season to get ahold of them for verification and they included the fact I had unemployment coverage too. I was just lucky that I got the car approval after all. Considering these seasonal employers don't want to pay any benefits, use unemployment as an excuse in a lot of ways, get tax breaks, tell their help to get Medicaid as the "health benefit" -- I mean jeeez!

The overexhaustion from the workload which is very very stressful, hectic, demands your all, it's like everything in your life is suppose to drop as "the season is coming" and then in the off-season there's nothing. The same vicious cycle from "dead" to "busy-as-hell"is very unnatural and overly wearing and wreaks havoc on health.

The day I finally escaped that kind of life, a very real dead-end street from expectance to be all "careerist" about these get-a-jobs when there's absolutely no climb in the ladder and is a big pipe dream, I don't miss it. I've live in a year-round mainstream kind of life. It's still just as much of a struggle in a year-round job as the expenses are year-round too and I cannot afford a car again and that car I got is long gone now but cars are above and beyond my means. I live in an area where everything is so spread out and requires commuting. I take busses but they don't connect well with the other transit authority companies so it's really just around the peripheral of our area here and the bus runs are every 2 hours, has no nights and weekend service so that kills my chances of night work unless you do home health care where you're doing graveyard shifts and stay overnight.

America, there's got to be an affordable and better life! I often wonder, "What the heck was I born for? I didn't ask to be hatched anyway, but is this really all there is?"

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