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I need to be working to help support my family...

My husband and I have made many financial sacrifices in order for me to stay home and take care of our, now 3-1/2 year old, daughter. We are currently at the point that, in order to keep our house and put food on the table, I need to go back to work. I am an educated, experienced and well-spoken person, more than qualified for many supervisory or management positions. While I am willing to take a position for which I am overqualified, I cannot afford to accept a $10.00 an hour job and still be able to afford: adequate child care, another car (we are a single-car family), gas for both vehicles, appropriate work attire, dry cleaning and the other ancillary needs that are connected to working outside the home...Having attended a recent "National Job Fair", the only jobs (available from the attending employers at said job fair) fell into two categories: commission only jobs or jobs paying $10.oo or less per hour...We have several, intertwined and severe crises in this country and one of the threads of crisis is, unmistakeably, the overwhelming lack of adequate--let me say that again--a d e q u a t e--child care which is also affordable to working parents of all economic backgrounds. Many of us that could once afford adequate child care have quickly learned what families of strained economic circumstance have known for far too long; just because one can "afford" child-care, doesn't mean it's adequate child care, (all child-care situations are not created equal.)
—Laurel WA
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