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Hard Working Middle Class Tax Payer

For the 40 some years I have worked hard and long to stay on top and climb the career ladder with many sacrifices and losses due to economic recession. I was poor growing up and I made it my goal to give my family a better life than mine. I suffered many hurdles in my lifetime from losing our jobs, rising property taxes, medical illnesses, low pay, unable to qualify for any assistance due to limitations placed on the middle class that struggle along with the poor. We lost our last home due to upside down mortgage and the loan company failed us without any assistance of adjusting our mortgage to be able to keep our home.

As a middle class taxpayer, I pay more taxes that Romney and all the rich people. As middle class taxpayers we are caught in the middle and are expected to maintain the poor and the rich without any assistance from the federal government. We have to pay money promptly but when we are entitled for some refund for overpayments it takes longer to get it back. It seems it is just a tactic of using our money to make up interest for the companies themselves.

I firmly believe it is just plain GREED that drives the rich people who in turn have their ways with lobbyists to influence the Republicans.

Rich people can afford to be taxed to compensate the lower people at the totem pole. Look at their homes, clothes, cars and all the luxuries they have. They should try living according to the standards of the poor and middle class and learn to be humble!! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone earned equally across the board? Wishful thinking with our present high society.

As for the fiscal cliff, it is just plain baloney. Tax the rich as they should be taxed. As for businesses, they announce they have great earnings at quarter ends, yet within the company only the executives give themselves large compensations while the rest of the real workers are left behind earning with small to nothing pay increases not to mention that tools of the trade that should be made available for the employee to carry out their duties are not replaced or even provided. Something is very wrong with this picture for as long as I have lived and worked.

My most memorable accomplishment I made in my life was the time IRS told me to my face I would lose everything I had and owned because I could not afford to pay my federal taxes. My husband and I had 2 small children, a mobile home, property, truck, car and bills to pay that we managed very well before his father's trucking business ended. My husband ended up learning a new job trade where he brought in$78 a week . Two months later I returned to work with my school district when it opened it's doors for school season. That summer we only qualified for one month of food stamps and had our electricity turned off. We sacrified to make it work. We made it painfully through with no assistance from anyone other than my own mother provided us with food as needed. She still had 5 children at home she took care of herself. With my faith in God and my desire to survive with my children we managed successfully with limitations that made us more humble and appreciative of what we did have and what came to be. To this day, I have found many ways to make it work by finding small ways to make the little extra money we needed to have vacation treats for my family.

I will continue to struggle and I praise my God for He has given me the strength and courage to go on with my terminal illness for the last 14 years to be able to work and take care of my family. I just hope that I will get to see the day when people can work together to help everyone around them.

Only question I have, what happened to the reasoning behind the Boston Tea Party when our forefathers of the New England Colonies who fought to escape from paying taxes to the British not to mention our fight for our Freedom? We now are paying taxes, taxes and more taxes!!

—Dora TCA
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