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Families on the brink

My family can't afford any more. I am a mom of one, a wife and daughter. The last several years have been very hard for us, starting with my husband losing his job. He was eventually called back but the damage hit fast. We are lower middle class and when I say lower I mean it. My Mom also became very ill in the last few years and we have been trying to help her as well. Medical bills are aweful. Money is hard to get, had a year or two with out living expense raises, and the years I did get one were partial raises not adequate to the cost of living, insurance, etc. Due to lack of money during the last years we have even had to pull loans to make it by, now we are loan heavy, poor credit and stuck. In my family we have not felt a relief we just keep sinking. More taxes just buries us more. As for those who have money, I hold nothing against them, but there is something wrong when those with more get better breaks than those with less.
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