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Disbelief in our system

I lost my job Oct 2008, a year after my boyfriend and I split and was barely getting by on my one income. I immediately applied for work; unemployment barely got me through.I didn't have enough to buy food or to pay for my health insurance. so I charged my food, health insurance, and gas for my car. I could not find work. I couldn't even get on at fast food or retail places. Then, my car died - as I'd always only bought used cars for cash. It was frightening. I was 57 yrs old. I did odd jobs and saved bottles and cans, but gave them to the homeless. I had to rely on neighbors and friends for food. I ate a lot of eggs, potatoes and rice. After a year, I realized I had to sell my home of 15 yrs that I had almost paid off so I could retire and have a secure home. It took another almost 2 yrs before I finally found a part-time job with very minimal hours and low pay. I had to live on the money from my house, which recently ran out - and I had to sell my house for much less than it was worth at a bad time. I'm still looking for a full-time job which appears to be scarce. I'm 62 and I can't afford to retire. Companies now have the upper hand. When their sales goals are not met, they send you home, and they schedule you for on-calls. There's no security in hours. When I was on unemployment, I applied for food stamps but was told my unemployment was almost $100. over the amount allowed for the year, I was shocked. So, because I earned my living and paid into my unemployment, I didn't qualify for food stamps - and I was hungry. It was a shock after working over 35 years. Our country let me down and millions of others and that's a terrible thing to do.
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