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Disabled woman helping support single mom lawyer sister

I became an RN in 1985.. Due to rare cancer, and infection, and complications I am on permanent disability, which is a very limited income, esp. when you are sick with chronic diseases. My younger sister finally had her baby 3 years ago. She moved in with me for the 1st 2 months due to repairing Katrina damage to her home. She is married but they live apart and husband does not pay for anything. She has a federal job/is a lawyer. Expenses have gone up so much I pay her cell phone bill, babysit for free on school holidays, feed her and my niece every time they visit. Her mortgage went up altho she has not had a raise in 7 years, so her mortgage is more than 1 paycheck. She is worried about losing her home of 17 years. I buy clothes for my niece and educational toys, an art table, her rocker and hassock for nursing and so on. Her husband has lost his job and therefore, my sister and niece will not have health insurance. Despite her education and experience her search for a better job for 4 years has not yielded anything. Paying for health insurance is simply not in her budget. I continue to have high medical bills, but see I will have to pick up more of her bills to help out. I am in the fearsome Medicare donut hole, which is a cruel thing to do to sick people. like me. I now need a CNA 1-2 X a week and my meds are inhumanely expensive even on an HMO. We have begun discussing living together but I cannot negotiate stairs without a lot of pain in knees that buckle unexpectedly and shortness of breath (I'm on oxygen), to get to a bathroom or bedroom, kitchen, or out of the house to my van. The future looks bleak, especially if the government shut down continues, Social Security does not send my check and the economy tanks, which with the thousands out of work will probably have repercussions even if the government gets funded today. Both of us focus on my niece getting everything she needs to be healthy and educated, working lessons into every teachable moment. She is the future and should not have to worry if she will lose her house, or not have healthy food or doctor visits or workbooks and pens. But the money is finite and prices for goods and services keep rising. I may be priced out of my life-preserving medications and numerous Doctor visits as the Medicare Advantage plan co-pays keep going up, and 'tier' drugs go up to higher tiers. It is unfair for everyone that Pharmaceutical companies make billions off the back of sick people. I did not ask for a rare cancer misdiagnosed for 3 or more years, or a MRSA infection for four years, or a collapsed lung, or congestive heart failure from a diabetes drug or COPD from untreated asthma misdiagnosed for 44 years. I tried to go back to work 3 times, but could not perform my job properly. I have spent all reserves on medical expenses. Times were supposed to be getting better with things like computers and new technology, but I dont see prices coming down on anything. The fuel adjustment here is up to three times the cost of the metered electricity. We are under a hurricane watch as I write. I dont see why anyone would cut health and human services from the federal budget and instead cut the military, Congressional pay, and collect enough taxes from the rich and corporations, which are making billions in profit. Profiting from medical care or prescriptions is insane to me, as an RN and as a sick patient. I never smoked, always exercised, saw the dentist, and my MDs, dont drink and still had my world fall apart, losing my home of 15 years in another state due to catastrophic illness!
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