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Caught between large family debt and lack of opportunity

We have three very bright children who completed at least two degrees and our youngest now completing a third. For two of them there was no job opportunity in sight even after two degrees. Hardly anything advertised, even in Law. Our son's a lawyer. Only could find a few contracts so far!!! So sad. They took out loans to pay for their education for a second & third degree. We paid 100% financial cost for the first degrees for all three, and could only partially help beyond that. For their 2nd & 3rd degrees they had to take out loans, even with some help from us. Our family is now close to $400,000 in educational debt and two of our children are struggling to find jobs. I am retired & my husband will retire next year. We are now responsible for their debt because we signed their educational loans and though they earned commendable degrees, honors, awards etc. are now without a job for which they trained they could not possibly begin to pay it back. This is not what we promised them. We could not bear more taxes. Our children are poor and we are supporting them to the extent that we are also poor--no longer middle class. We were both teachers. There are not even any jobs available other than minimum wage at Mcdonalds or other fast foods or call centers and they are living at home with us because they can't afford housing. The wealthy business wheelers and dealers of wall street and banks have become too greedy to free this money and pave the way to fix this fiscal mess. We cannot and must not trust them to take the country out of a slump. Lets share fair and square so the economy can get a kick start and our children can have opportunity and ability to buy homes and begin to live their own lives. We must tax those who have wealth. There is very little left with the middle class. They are already becoming poverty stricken.
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