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Actively Seeking Work

A few years ago, right after my husband and I got engaged, my husband got laid off from his job. At the same time I got laid off from one of my two jobs, and (due to budget cuts) I got demoted at my other job. This, of course, resulted in a great loss of income. I continued to work as many hours as I could get (working in the service industry means you rarely get to choose how many hours you work) and my husband applied for and obtained unemployment benefits while he actively looked for another job.

My husband and I were very careful with our spending. We didn't go out on dates, we didn't go out with friends, and we started doing all of our grocery shopping at the local Aldi (a very low cost grocery). We looked for any way to reduce our spending from changing our cell phone plans to canceling cable and Netflix.

With the help of unemployment benefits we were able to get by. We would have been lost without that aid. If that aid was not there we would have been homeless. We are lucky in that we have family who would have taken us in had that been the case. There are many in our country who don't have that luxury.

Almost all people who receive unemployment benefits are hard working Americans who have found themselves in dire straights. These are not lazy people who are just looking for a handout. These are people who are trying to find work, but are being met with very few options.

It is our responsibility to take care of our own, to take care of our citizens who have fallen on hard times. These are valuable people who can made incredible contributions to society, they just need a little help to make that possible.

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