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a mom that needs those tax breaks and social security

i have been working since i was 17, and raising two children of my own and another child i share with my husband (my step-daughter though i hate calling her that, because she is my daughter.) and i have never asked the government for help with things like s.s.i. And yes even though my other 2 babies are grown ( one joined the army national guard, to help with school, and the other working a ft job and helping me) i am still raising them, both getting ready to go to college. And right now i am really concerned cause when i really need the government to help me now I am afraid there will be nothing there for me. I have done something to my back and even after surgery (5 years later) I am not able to work right now and not sure if i will be returning to work or not since we really do not know why my back is causing me soo much pain. I have been off work since Feb. this year. At this point in my life i am not where I thought I would be. My husband and i have had to file bankruptcy in order to keep our house, so right now especially since i am fighting for social security disability ( they denied me for every thing right now) there is no way we will be able to afford to help our children with college. Also we are counting on an income tax return to help with needed repairs on our house (the roof over both porches, front and back, have leaks or holes in them.) So if there was an increase on taxes or a cut to social security then we would be hung out to dry, since right now we are living off a very tight budget (especially with all the medical bills and cost of gas to get me to the dr.'s office two towns away.) With out a little help from our government right now my children will not get the education they deserve and we would not be able to survive. So taxing the middle class even more would hurt people like me. Please let there be a government system intact to help the people who need it most and keep that government intact to let our children know that when they grow up there will still be a government there that is "of the people, by the people, for the people."
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