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Help for Seniors

I am 72 years old and was putting off some preventive care measures such as colonoscopy because of the added cost. Now I will be arranging for it this fall. I am very satisfied with Medicare and glad that the health care reform supports it.

Health Reform is for Everyone

I am 54 years old and have been blessed to have good insurance at my employer. I have several health issues and worry about what will happen if I lost my insurance. My youngest son, who lives with me, is a college student and is 23 years old. I worried ...


I've suppported the healthcare legislation cautiously, not knowing truly how it was going to effect my family. Well, unfortunately, since my husband works for a small business, they've had to change insurance carriers. Seems like everyone has jacked ...

Limited by Social Security, can't get private coverage

I am a bookkeeper, have been for over20 years, but I have had to leave that professional as I have reached the pay scale I can earn and still have my son qualify for SS disability. I can not make over $3000.00 per month or he will lose his coverage. ...

coverage for my adult daughter

It would have been so wonderful to have my daughter under a doctor's care for various things but when she turned 18, she got married, and then dropped out of school. She could no longer be covered under her dad's insurance. This year, my employer offered ...

With the new health care ...

With the new health care bill my daughter and her boy friend can finally afford health insurance. This cold never have happened with the Bush health care system.

The Mortal Young Buck Asks for Healthcare Insurance

We have great health insurance through my employer. My free-spirited, college graduate son has had several jobs since graduation (by choice) -- none of which included health insurance. (Sternman on a lobster boat, working on a documentary, summer cottage ...

Hope for a little longer...

My daughter is 23 years old and suffers from undiagnosed blackouts and postural orthostatic tachycardia/dysautonomia. She has not been able to work recently due to the frequency of her blackouts. She has been subject to extensive testing to try to determine ...

Fyffe Aschenbrenner

My sister who was diagnosed with prancreatic cancer, didn't have health insurance even though she worked a 30 hour week at an Elementary school. They don't offer it to the kitchen staff.

The principal went to bat for her and gained insurance for her. ...

—AnonymousNorth Carolina

Can't Wait for Reform! Need it now!

I can't wait for the new healthcare reforms to take place! Actually, we need help now but will have to wait. Hope we can hold out! We lost our job in June and aren't eligible for the Cobra subsidy!!! Not good. Without the 65% subsidy, our Cobra payment ...

My mother had tiny fiber ...

My mother had tiny fiber neuropathy, given a drug at Gunderson LaCrosse after much testing, "there's not a cure, not sure how she will do long-term, I'm going to give you this drug, call me in 6 months, drugs made her sheltered, wouldn't leave the house, ...

Our Eventual Fates

Since my second stroke in late March I have become totally dependent on Medicare and the VA, which I (finally) find myself totally supporting.

Rachel's story

When I moved to Iowa in 2001, I met a woman named Rachel at church. We soon became friends. She even lived with us for a few months while she was going through a difficult time. While she was living with us, we noticed a sore on the top of her head ...

The rich don't care about you and I.

My experience is that I am not a selfish person. I have Health Care now. But I didn't have any for years. So now that I h ave it am supposed to resent those that do not? The people who are for repealing the act are really racists in disguise. They just ...
—marta Nevada

$250 rebate on prescription drugs for seniors

Every year I have gone in the doughnut hole for prescription drugs. I will again this year but at least I will get a $250. rebate to help me out. I'm a fan of the health care reform bill.

"Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered"

Health care reform has had a major impact on me and my family. The good news is that my daughter, who is 25, would be able to get coverage through me at work now. Plus, the insurance we have at work (Aetna) is now providing more preventative benefits. ...

Why I am ecstatically happy about health care reform.

Because I am able to access the VA Healthcare System due to service connected injuries, I believe that the only way to stop the current chaos is a single payer system, which I believe the VA system to be a good model for. I am also a Nurse Practitioner, ...

Keep Health Care Reform!

I was able to get all the tests needed at my age (50) through my insurance because of the Illinois mandates implemented by the government. This has been a great relief to me because at this age the risk of getting an illness is greater. This to me is ...

Hooray for keeping older children covered!

It was a great relief to me when the health care bill was passed because now I don't have to worry about my two older daughters not having health care. They both have medical conditions that can become problematic in the future and there is no guarantee ...

One worry off his mind!!

My husband, Keith works for the Texas Department of Transportation. In 1987 he was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. He was treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center and was cured. In 2002 he was working on the state Right of Way and a vehicle hit ...
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