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Job Security!

The new healthcare law has an opportunity for small businesses to apply for a tax credit or grant (their choice) for up to 50% of the development cost of a medical device developed in 2009 -2010. This is a great boost to small businesses, one of which ...

Not Having To Choose

I had to give up my insurance due to inflation since it is the only product on the market that is inflating. This will give me the opportunity for securing my health with a reasonable pay schedule that maybe being able to eat regularly will also increase ...

How it helps the new moms

The new health care reform has already helped in that moms I know can have their babies and return to work while still continuing to breastfeed and NOT HAVING TO PUMP IN A BATHROOM! Yes, the new law is specific that an employer with over 50 employees, ...

Good health care for all!

i actually want single payer insurance, for all, supported by the government. I am therefore am happy to see any advances that will benefit the health of all people. It's just not fast enough. I do not want the insurance companies to profit further. ...
—CarolNew York

Failiy history of colon cancer

I am due for a colonoscopy and now I won't put it off because of the cost.

No more lifetime limits!

I am 78 and my your insurance plan currently has a lifetime limit on the care it will provide. I am happy to know that lifetime limits will be illegal beginning next month, because although I am relatively healthy now, one never knows what tomorrow ...

My brother and his wife a...

My brother and his wife are only now able to afford decent health care due to reforms by the Obama administration. This is important with their 6 month year old child.
—Jose RicardoCalifornia

Elaine's thoughts

I can sleep better thinking that my 19 year old stepson is going to covered during the difficult years after he graduates from college.

I can also sleep better knowing that if any of the kids get sick, there's no way an insurance company can withhold ...

—AnonymousNew York

It needs a title??

My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school in June. She was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks later. Her college classes were canceled and she is in a battle with this dreadful disease. She is eighteen. If she could not stay on her parents ...

What a Relief

My daughter recently graduated from high school and lost her medical assistance. Before health care reform she would have been without insurance because she cannot receive it through her job. But now, she is covered under her father's plan until she is ...
—Patricia SchoenbergerMinnesota

Almost healthcareless in Pennsylvania

I have 2 daughters 21 and 23 who would both be without health care at this momemnt if not for the increased age limit now permitted for children. One is currently past the old age limit and the other is taking a quarter off school so both would have ...


My hubbie and I are retired 81 year olds... we have been healthy, but this summer a cyst from '07 burst in his spin, causing a need for injections.. We would have had to sell our house of 40 IF we had not had Medicare to pay for his care!

In defense of working moms that breastfeed

My daughter is a new mom and is having difficulty with her boss who complains when she has to take 2 - 5 minutes longer than her break time to pump twice a day. He has told her that she must make the time up off the books, however it is company policy ...

Have hope

If our insurance drops us because I recently had a stroke, I will be able to get insurance from another insurer.

Saving Sophia Grace

Our 18 month old granddaughter was born prematurely, with significant physical problems. She has spent almost half her life in hospital and depends upon breathing and gastric feed tubes. With her physical therapies and multiple surgeries she will gradually ...

A Sick Society

So far, our family is one of the lucky ones. We have good insurance that we don't use. We are not rich people, but we have something money can't buy: Health. We have watched a good friend's cancer diagnosis destroy his family financially. We have ...
—BobNew Mexico

our company had to find a...

our company had to find another health care program - the fact that we can now move to another with no pre-existing conditions is a godsend. also i love the fact that "wellness" is what is important now.

keep it up!


my mom is worth it

My mom has diabetes. She struggles with it on a daily basis and the effects of this disease have added to her health problems. She has insurance now...but has been told several times, point blank, that she's uninsurable because of her medical history. ...

Protecting my daughter

Our 23 year old daughter spent a year in the middle of her college career to do volunteer service at a home for wayward teens through the Church of the Brethren. She is back in college but can not be covered by my teacher husband's school district insurance ...

Is there a doctor in the house?

Here is my latest experience with health care:

I made an appointment with a doctor (new group practice). I was told I would be scheduled with somebody by a different name. I asked if that was someone else in the same group, and was told yes. When I ...

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