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My name is Cathy Cunningham. I am a small business owner. My husband and I work from home running an Internet business while taking care of two small children with a lot of medical issues. Presley is 6 and has a genetic metabolic disorder called Classic ...

how ObamaCare has made my life work

I am a 50 year old, soon to be divorced, mother of two girls (one with chronic medical diagnoses), physican (who is also a small business owner of my own practice), and a breast cancer patient.

I am thankful every day for the Affordable Care Act. Never ...


College Grad Kids with No Insurance

I have a son 28 and a daughter 27. Neither have had insurance since they had to leave my husband's and my insurance when they turned 26. Those extra few years were helpful, but the rest of "Obamacare" needs to implemented asap. My son lives in Louisiana, ...

Child with preexisting condition

My daughter would not have had health care coverage during college without the affordable health care act


Don't snatch this opportunity away from us!

My husband is retired and we live on a limited income. Paying for health insurance has been very difficult for us. We have had to take out loans to make the payments. Now we will be eligible for help from the government under Obamacare, and I am so ...

18 days

I have been in the health field supporting pregnant women for over 12 years. I've worked for several hospitals in our area and in private practice. But for several reasons including Motherhood I have rarely received full health benefits from an employer ...

Child with Autism Held Hostage by Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

I am a small business owner who is self insured. At age 3.5, my now 9 year old son was diagnosed with Autism. My insurance policy covered/covers very little in terms of needed treatments and therapies; yet we were not able to change insurance because ...

I cannot get coverage until Obamacare begins

My family has been in perfect health for all of our lives, so when my husband was laid off and our health insurance expired we applied for private health insurance. But to our surprise we were rejected due to pre-existing conditions. My husband has a ...

RN writing to protect my Patients, my family and my community

I am a Registered nurse working on the front lines. I am sick and tired of the Affordable healthcare and safety act being minimized by calling it " Obama Care" I see first hand the shift in healthcare due the new safety protocols addressed under this ...

My step-grandkids depend on Medicaid

I took over the care of three of my four step-grandkids. Their mother has had a brain injury and cannot take care of them. Two of the three fathers involved are no longer living. The third is a blessing who helps in every way he can.

I am retired ...


Cancer Malpractice

I was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive prostate cancer in 1999.

Chose watchful waiting which brought me to today.

The stress of nursing my wife through her cancers progression until she passed away on the 19th of Dec 2012. The stress of my business ...


My Beloved Brother Committed Suicide on July 30, 2013

My "story title" tells the "ending" of my story in the most honest and clear terms! My 54 year old brother, Robert, was struggling with his life circumstances and battling -- by himself -- his deteriorating mental health because he had NO insurance to ...

Lack of insurance looks like tumors growing on the outside of the body

I am a nurse practitioner that volunteers at a clinic for people without insurance. Since I began volunteering, I have seen health issues that one would not think possible in this country. One memorable patient was a woman without insurance who waited ...

My son's health coverage

It's simple. Our son has cerebral palsy. My wife and I would not be able to afford to cover my son's health care premium and costs without Obamacare. Without it his coverage was either too expensive or unavailable.

We greatly appreciate the strides ...

—Joe ReyCA


My grandmother as well as my husband's grandparents depended on Medicaid to pay for their health care at the end of their lives. They were hard-working, independent people whose declines in health required significant care in the last few years of their ...

Broke single mom with no healthcare coverage.

I have been counting down the days until the affordable healthcare act kicks in and I can sign up. I have been unable to find employment for the past couple of years (!) and the money I earn from working for my mom's small business is not enough to cover ...

We need this!

Not only am I waiting to get health coverage for myself, but I'm waiting to help others get coverage as well (like my aunt who has been self-employed and not making enough money to cover herself as she ages).

As a new business owner, I worry about my ...



My husband is self-employed and diabetic, I have chronic asthma. This story really begins 17 years ago when our son was born and I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom and help my husband with his business. We were both healthy at that time, so we were ...

It Could Happen to You Too

Three years ago, I was living halfway across the country and employed at a large university when within a year both of my parents were diagnosed with serious illnesses. I made a decision to move back to the east coast to help provide more support to ...

My family's story

My son, Michael, is 30 and can not get health insurance. He has epilepsy. He works in a retail store and makes minimum wage. He had to go to the ER at the hospital, when he became very ill a few months ago. Our Congress has good government health ...
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