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Debilitating migraines

My insurance company has denied medication that I need and can't afford to purchase on my own. It has also denied an operation that might possibly be VERY helpful. Because of the incapaciting nature of the migraines I have been repremanded at work for ...

Stuck in the Middle

We are a family of four, my husband, our beautiful daughter of 6, our gorgous son of 3 and my self. My husbands work offers him insurance, but to include us would cost us approx. $500/month. We have to pay out of pocket for our children and me to have ...

I want all our daughters to have health care

I'm the father of a 15-year-old girl, and I want her to have access to the health care that she needs throughout her life. The Blunt amendment, and other such legislation, is good for NO ONE's daughters!

When abortions were illegal

I had an illegal abortion when I was 22. I came from a well -to-do doctor's family but I was too ashamed to tell anyone that I was pregnant and unmarried, even though I was engaged.. I was even living at the home of my uncle at the time.He was a doctor ...

Insurance Agent uninsurable???

I own a small Independent Insurance Agency. I employe 5 people including myself and I have been in business for 16 years. I am licensed to sell health insurance and I am contracted to write business with many of the health insurance companies.

I ...


Life without health insurance

I am 63; I do not have health insurance because when I got laid off my job , I lost the health insurance that went with it. I have not been able to afford private health insurance due to the medical bills that my carrier refused to cover. I have become ...

Health reform

I am a nurse practitioner in a hospital. I see many people who want to take care of their health but have to compete for limited access.

We do not waste taxpayer dollars. We do our best to provide up-to-date care using old equipment.

I believe that ...


Health Coverage

I am a college-educated individual with no health coverage due to a reduction in hours. The laws must change.

My husband, Cancer and I

This last June, my husband died from colon cancer. I nursed him for 3 months and gave him everything I could. As a veteran, he got 100% care from the Veterans Administration and they rolled out the red carpet for us. I thank the gods for the VA because ...

Three Daughters

I am glad that I could chose how old I would be when I gave birth to my children.

Now my three daughters are old enough to give birth. I want them to have the same freedom to choose when they will start a family -- if they want to raise a family.

A ...

—martha CA

Three Daughters

I am glad that I could chose how old I would be when I gave birth to my children.

Now my three daughters are old enough to give birth. I want them to have the same freedom to choose when they will start a family -- if they want to raise a family.

A ...

—martha CA

Preventive Care

As an RN, I know that for every dollar you spend in preventive care, you save seven! Now, isn't that a smart think to do? All we need is a TB epidemic-like the bad old days-to make us realize the stupidity and cruelty of not passing single payer health ...

I am Catholic

I know this has nothing to do with religious freedom. I was free to use or not use birth control my whole life. What's changed? I would like to have my tax dollars not fund wars, capital punishment and any number of other religious convictions of far ...
—karen OK

Are you kidding?

That I am even writing this is insane.

This should not be topic.

Do we want or need more kids without parents to support?

why is it that the poor always suffer.

The wealthy will still be able to pay for their birth control.

enough said. Terry



My husband and I are lucky we have health insurance right now but I remember the times when I did not. The stress when I wasnt sure if I could pay to have my hand stitched when I cut my hand badly. The times I was sick but didnt go to the doctor. But ...
—Jennifer MI

birth control.

My co-pay increased from$24 to $40 since Jan. 1st of 2012. As a full time college student and mother of two and only one working spouse $40/month is costly

Pre-existing conditions

I had paid insurance premiums to Blue Shield/Blue Cross for over 25 years when I was laid off in the mortgage industry. I then applied for an individual policy and was DENIED. The insurance rep told me the denial was because of a non-cancerous fibroid ...

Unplanned Pregnancy.

About four years ago I had a baby. Right after my medical was cut off for a full month. That was all it took for me to get pregnant again, unplanned. This happened to at least four other mothers that I know. With the cut off of services through my state ...

No health insurance coverage, I risk lives...

I have no health coverage. I teach babies, children, the elderly, and the pregnant. If I am sick, I go to work, if I can walk. If I don't work, I don't get paid. If I don't get paid, I sink even further into debt. I have two small children, and work all ...

Husband of 36 with Cancer

Whether we care to believe it, yes with 2 little ones and so young, you can get cancer. It is not so likely that at the start of your life as a young married couple you expect such an illness.

If we did not have wonderful healthcare provided by our ...

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