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rising health care costs

my health insurance has doubled in cost to $388/month while losing value. COBRA ended, it converted to an HMO and I lost dental and vision.

Moreover, calling our system "healthcare" is a ridiculous misnomer; it's basically drugs pushed by the corporations ...


Pre-existing, genetic condition since childhood

Because our country has an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, along with an accompanying wave of rage and judgment at Type 2 diabetics, Type 1 is highly misunderstood and lumped in with Type 2. I have had Type 1 since childhood, and without a cure for the ...

my bride

My bride of 20 years is a breastcancer survivor, I was forced into retirement do to lack of work in my field, also do to the fact that I am 60 plus years.companies no matter your wisdom or work ethic wants to hire you. ny bride is a teacher and there ...

No insurance

We currently have no insurance.

Everyone should have the right to health care and should be able to have the services that they need. Employers should not decide what should be covered or not.

This would create a whole new system that could be a disaster.

We ...


Why I Moved Overseas and How I Get Better Healthcare in China than I Did in the United States

My husband was diagnosed with both spondylosis and spondylolisthesis--degenerative spine condition(s) that mean he was essentially impossible to insure without a clause--a pre-existing condition. Needless to say, this was incredibly nerve-wracking and ...

Birth control gave me the same options as my husband

Because I was able to afford birth control, I was able to plan my life more responsibly. Iwaited five years after I got married to have children and during this time I was able to pursue a job that gave us the money to have a secure base .When we wanted ...

Lack of Dental Care

I've been lucky. Through 2 decades of no health insurance or insurance I couldn't afford to use, 2 babies, and a failed marriage, I've managed not to have any dental needs. I went 7 years without a checkup and when my Mother stepped in and paid for one, ...

Employers want comprehensive coverage

As an employer, my sole concern (other than cost) when considering health insurance options is that it be comprehensive as possible. We NEED comprehensive coverage to attract and compete for the best employees. What they do with their insurance is absolutely ...

So many are effected

I work at a FQHC and therefore I see sick people everyday. Let me give you a typical story that happens, so often with my patient.

I have a patient who had been laid-off for over six-month and he has diabetes. He became employed, traveling 50 miles ...


Struggling Family

I have two young adult children that work minimum wage jobs and cannot afford healthcare. I am also struggling with a low wage job and most of my paycheck goes to paying unaffordable healthcare premiums for myself and my two adult children. Our famlies ...


I had health and dental "insurance" briefly in 2011, before Head Start lost 15% of its funding, and I lost my new job.

My dental insurance company would not tell me exactly what they cover, nor would they divulge that information to my selected dental ...



Both my husband and I own small businesses. Neither offer health insurance due to the cost. We have individual health insurance which is extremely expensive and does not cover our child's speech therapy. In addition to our health insurance costs, of ...

Saved by insurance

I learned that I had thyroid cancer at 22, and soon had a complete thyroidectomy. The hospital bills were in the tens of thousands, and even with insurance I had to pay for much of it out of pocket at a time when I barely made enough to support myself. ...
—Janine VA

Purpose of Birth Control

the purpose of birth control is to help the society have healthier children. It takes a mom's body about 3 years to fully prepare for another child. Ancient peoples knew this and spaced their children using birth control. Children and moms will be healthier ...

Covered by my dad's plan

As a young professional pursuing a career in television production and journalism, it was incredibly important that I was able to stay on my dad's plan after college.

Family of 4 with No Insurance!

I am a mom of a 4 year old and a 1 year old. My husband and I have jobs, but they do not provide heathcare. We do not qualify for State Assistance, and we do not go to the doctor when we should because of how outrageous it is. There has to be another ...

paying for monthly ($1000+) health insurance premiums myself

After my contract was completed at a former educational employer, I continued my family health insurance through the COBRA plan. I paid $1000+/month for 6 months for my spouse, my 6 year old, and me. We did not qualify for government subsidized health ...

rising costs of health care--forget getting ahead

I am a single, working mother in a middle-class professional career. Although I have received regular raises and promotions over the past few years, the rising costs of health care have eliminated any gains. My employer has worked hard to maintain good ...

Cost of Meds...

As a senior citizen, I can't always afford my asthma medicine. I stopped some of them when the cost became prohibitive.

necessary meds

I am a married woman who has two children (they were adopted at birth). Because of other medical issues and necessary medication, my doctors have advised me that it is dangerous for me to get pregnant. Therefore, I must remain on birth control pills because ...
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