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Empty Nester - not quite

Both of my children, recent college graduates, are currently unemployed. Because I am able to add them to my company health care plan, they will not have a break in their insurance. And they won't have to pay a huge amount for separate insurance. We ...
—AnonymousNew Hampshire

I will be able to keep my...

I will be able to keep my older child on my plan. However the University of California is not making it easy for us, my son became 23 years old 06-10, they took him off and now they are telling me when open enrollement comes in november I will have to ...

I am so relieved to know ...

I am so relieved to know that health care reform has passed. I am a married with two school aged children. My family currently has health care coverage through my employer, as my husband is self-employed. Recently, I was given a lay off notice, so ...


My 22-year-old son Sean, who works in the food service industry, is going back to school to become a nurse. I can cover him on my insurance policy at work until he can get coverage himself. I am very proud of him, and glad that I can help him.

Our granddaughter will live.

We have a nine-year-old granddaughter with a very complex set of medical problems: cerebral palsy, dystonia, immune deficiency, etc. She's an angelic, bright child. Last year she ended up at the top of her third-grade class despite missing over half ...

A California family's experience with health care reform

Health care reform has already been a major help to my family.

My mother is 93 years old and is on a number of medications. She takes at least 5 brand name medications for which no generic exists at this time. She is currently in the Medicare Part ...


When I graduated from col...

When I graduated from college in 2007, I was shocked that I had trouble finding good health coverage. I got denied for plan after plan because of a history of migraines, asthma, and minor mental health issues. As if there wasn't enough stress with looking ...

Mom is a senior on fixed income

My mother is a senior and has received a $250. ck. that help with medical expenses.

When you live on a fixed income $250. is extremely helpful & beneficial.

- Estella


Health Insurance Coverage for Young Adults

My son is 23 years old. He graduated from college last June and has been able to earn a living by working two part time jobs. However, neither job provides health insurance and the insurance I receive through my employer will not cover him unless he ...
—AnonymousNew York

No Health Insurance, No Medicines, No Hope

I've been without health insurance for over 2 years and at 47 I've certainly got some heath issues that need to be addressed.

Not only can I not afford to self-pay a doctors visit, I certainly cannnot afford medicines.


Our single biggest worry

The cost of keeping our family healthy is our single biggest worry. Our insurance premiums keep rising exponentially and now compete with the mortgage for a portion of our income. And for what? It took a year to pay off our portion of my husband's ...

We can't afford to neglect our children at any age.

I have two children in their twenties and one who is 13. My middle child was about to graduate from college and we were informed her coverage would end on her graduation day. The new law allowed that she would be covered up to age 26 but the insurance ...

College Grads Now Covered

My daughter graduated college a year early, at age 22. Our insurance company promptly stopped her coverage when she was no longer a full time student. She has been uninsured for a year now and hesitant to get dental cleanings or visit the doctor. The ...

Waiting for the dust to clear and some clear choices

I am still one of the uninsured whom the heath care industry says I have a preexisting condition, or so they say. The interesting part is that I have only needed minor heath services since I lost my job and insurance about six years ago. I have paid my ...

My nephews can stay on th...

My nephews can stay on their parents health insurance for a few more years, making it possible for them to pursue their careers. A friend's child cannot be turned down for a preexisting condition - there are so many benefits
—TessaNorth Carolina

Finally....No Exclusions!

As a self-employed professional I've always had to secure my own health insurance. In the past, whenever I've gotten a plan, there was always something that was excluded. Since I and others in my family have had medical issues in the past, the usual response ...

Adult children

My oldest son, who recently graduated from college, is allowed to remain on our policy, which means we, as his parents, do not have to incur the high cost of buying an individual health insurance policy, while he is establishing his career.

Self-employed families need healthcare reform

This morning my husband checked himself into the ER with cardiac symptoms. He had held off visiting a doctor with his radiating chest discomfort, because we don't have insurance. But this morning when he woke up feeling all wrong, he had no choice.

The ...

—AnonymousSouth Carolina

My health care premiums j...

My health care premiums just increased by $3.000.00 a year to a total of $18,500.00 for 2 people. In order for health insurance companies to do these things mentioned, such as keeping adult children on parents' policy longer, etc., people who already ...


I'm a grandfather with four grandchildren. My newest grandson is 10-days old. WITHOUT the new health care reform act, if he had been born with any defects or health problems, they would NOT have been covered because my daughter's insurance company stated ...
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