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No one wants to have to r...

No one wants to have to risk losing their job so they can take care of their sick kid. Being able to work flexible hours and work from home makes it so you can be both a parent and a good employee.

Missing the part-time work

After my daughter was born, I was able to take a 4-month (mostly unpaid) LOA and return to work at 20-hours per week during her first year. I had agreed to return to full time after she turned 1. The part-time option was perfect. I was able to continue ...
—AmyNorth Carolina

An Empty Nest

Flexible work schedules used to be important to me for all the classic "mom" reasons: the ability to attend school functions, freedom to take care of sick kids without job worries, etc. The less stress we have in our lives the better our in-office attitudes ...
—ValerieNorth Carolina

Enterprise-dont- have -children and work for us

i worked at Enterprise rent a car for 3 years. I went through 2 pregnancys. My first pregnancy went pretty well. I was a new mom getting used to work life balance. My daughter was watched by family the first 4 months and then a private sitter for over ...

Babies at work

I was able to take my baby to work when she was 3-5 months old. I wore her in a Moby wrap while at work (which was 3 days a week while I ramped back up to full time). It was great! I got a lot done, I didn't have to worry about childcare while my baby ...

Harder work for less pay?

Once a former employer was talking to one of his buddies at work. I was standing by his side when he said. "I prefer hiring women because they work harder than men and I can pay them less." I was steaming! This was a low paid job where I worked very hard ...

Discrimination by age

I am 69 years old and have several years as a medical receptionist and was working at a hearing aid sales office for $3.00 less than what I would make a regular medical office and was fired so a 24 year old with no experience could have my job. I have ...

Wage fairness and workplace flexability benefits all

As the executive director of a non-profit community service historical society, I'm in a position to set the wages and working conditions for our three part-time staff, who all happen to be women with children. It has always been obvious to me that, ...

Work From Home and In The Office

When I returned from 6 weeks of maternity leave I asked them to set up a home office connection to allow me to work 3 hrs per day at home and 3 hrs per day in the office for 30 hours per week during our slow winter season and then ramp up to 4 hrs at ...

Support for Work-Life Balance like Jobshares/Flex-time/Real part time job opportunities

As a sole parent I had a choice: continue my life-consuming career and miss out on my child's entire childhood -or- be a real care-giver Mom and stay home with her. There didn't seem to be any real options in-between! So kids either grow up somewhat ...
—julia moranDC