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I do support the pay fairness act in support of women please keep us in mind in November. I have a daughter and 4 nirces and many more family and friens as we all do. There fore it would be unconscienable to avoisd such an important issue. In todays ...
—AnonymousNew York

The Truth Unveiled: My Husband Makes More than Me.

From my readings and hearing about others' stories, I have always known that men earn more than women for the same job/position. But somehow, I thought that this would never happen to me. Working in the field of mental health, I thought that this would ...

Workers deserve legal protection, even to question pay gaps

Moms, women, we've gotta be able to ASK. Let's make sure this bill passes--they've taken this up in the Supreme Court, from what I understand--so that you and I can have legal protection to bring it up to our employers when we're concerned about pay inequity. ...

The Lesson I Learned

I have a masters degree and 15 years teaching experience and yet many many of my male counterparts, many of whom have been teaching for less time than I, make $10,000-$15000 more than I do! When I pursued this with our personnel representative it was ...
—SulynNew York

More women in teaching = less pay for teachers

In my opinion, teaching (a profession that is 75% female) is tagged at a woman's work, therefore a low-paying profession. Compared to other professions, who require the same or less educational certification and/or experience, teaching does not pay. A ...

I have worked for the Cat...

I have worked for the Catholic Heath Care System in NY, as a Medical Practitioner

and have always been paid over $10.00 + an hour LESS than my male colleagues with the same or less experience...( this is about 20% less) ......and was reprimanded for ...

—sharonNew York

Why Am I Different? I Deserve the Same Pay Too!

I hold a Management position that carries many responsibilities... I have held this job by always doing my best.... Well recently my boss and I got into a discussion regarding my children and how he was upset due to the fact I didn't inform of a situation ...

In high school my best f...

In high school, my best friend was hired at a grocery store and she started at $6.50 an hour, only to find out six months later that all of the men who worked at the store started at $8.00.

Paid less than men that report to me.

At my current company, all the women are paid less by at least 5% or more due to just being a woman. I was hiring a new analyst to work for me, I would be his supervisor and when I found out how much they were offering him over $100K plus bonus, I was ...

Fair Pay for equal work

Years ago I (27yrs) worked in the mall at a coin store & trained a young man (19yrs.) to become my manager. When I asked my boss/ owner why he didn't consider me for the job,

his reply was "Cause you're a woman". He said because it was dangerous for ...


Pay inequities is only where it begins...

I have been asked blatent illegal questions in interviews by major corporations. Like for example, as a single mother what if I worked an opposite shift as my daughter and I never got to see her, would I allow that to effect my job performance and how ...

I have always made less t...

I have always made less than male engineers with similar experience and education. This is wrong and it should be stopped.



I am paid less than my ma...

I am paid less than my mail counterparts and my college has a rich and long history of this practice.

It goes both ways

As the only guy in the payroll H/R field where I work, I was recently reduced to 75% effective 7.1.11. I'm the only one in my field to be reduced like this, and the only guy in a female dominated field. You do the math, but it's official to me - discrimination ...

It doesn't pay to be a female.

I have over 5 years experience in a specialized filed of law. I've been at my firm for 3 years. I just learned my younger (4 years) male co-worker was just hired and makes $5K more than me. He also has 1 year experience. I am told every year they don't ...

'Spend' some time.. Don't keep "Cutting" us out.

i am an advocate advisor. i hear this All the time !! .. Too often .. woman work just as hard as men. women are responsible for 49.1% of the jobs n this country. they pay the same in tax. they are also mother's most of them, which is also a 'full time ...

Why I support equal pay

In 1953 my mother got to cope with being a single mother with three small sons as she divorced our father for being caught by the Air Police giving a kid a blow job in the back of his car on base. So she went from being an officer's wife with a maid to ...

I need more

I need more income on my job as much as the male does.

Males Assumed More Valuable!

I retired from a CEO position in a public agency after 15 years as its Executive Director. I was well respected nationally and had earned the agency numerous awards and recognition. My male successor was an appointee from local city government with only ...

It's all in a Day's work!

I started in the insurance industry as a licensed sales producer in the late 70's. I was one of the few women selling insurance at the time. I had to compete for business against mostly salesMEN. The men in my offices always made at least $5,000.00 more ...
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January 21, 2017

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