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Overtime makes the difference

Without overtime my husband's overtime; his pay wouldn't be enough for us to live on. He tries to trade hours with co-worlers to get to family events but sometimes he doesn't know his schedule for a week until Friday of the week before.

Assistant Manager

I work 5,6 & sometimes 7 days a week,from 8:am to 7:pm. Most of the time I don't even take a lunch,sometimes because we're busy sometimes because I just can't afford it. I am paid a salary(sourly) because I work over 40 hrs a week and they will not pay ...

Keep them hungry

I worked @ Andy's Statewide Heating and Cooling. He paid married employees much more than single employees, it was his policy. When Steve Bruce asked Andy how he keeps employees, especially the partyers, coming in everyday? Steve said he replied, "keep ...

Family Leave

During the critical time of pregnancy my University health insurance was cut short. My fiances health insurance provider denied me due to my pre-existing condition of 'pregnancy,' I was beyond stressed (this was in 2012).

I was reluctant to apply for ...



As a retired nurse-midwife, I heard so many sad stories from women struggling to support their families, about how they had been"promoted" to lower salaries.

Don't let corporate America get away with it.


no overtime

I work as a salaried employee and always work more than my regular 40 hours a week. My usual weekly hours can amount to 50 or 60 hours a week and I do not get paid for the extra time. Sometimes I work 12 hour days without compensation due to being salaried. ...

How OT has helped me

Over the years, I have really depended on my overtime pay. Firstly, as a single mother who couldn't rely on the FOC system or my children's father to pay child support, I relied heavily on my overtime pay to be able to give my children most everything ...

overworked without overtime pay

I am a Supervisor for Head Start and am also salaried. I work overtime most days and sometimes weekends. I don't receive monetary compensation for extra hours that I work which include working from home sometimes. I can't make ends meet but can't work ...

Medical Technologist

The first 7 or 8 years of my career, I did not get time-and-a-half because I was considered "professional". So it didn't matter how much I worked, it was straight time. It was great to be paid appropriately. When you give up your time and life, it should ...

Good time

I'm pleased to tell you that I have never been cheated but I do have friends who have experienced this.


I am retired, but support that our workers are being stretched to the maximum and need support.


They're crooks out there employers who take advantage of their employees requesting for them to work overtime and not pay them

Losses forced by the overtime delima

I started working in the retail automotive industry as a salaried manager. You don't plan on this but it was something I was very good at performing. I ran a 2,400 square foot store with 7 employees. I was set a goal to run with a 10% payroll. As sales ...


Everyone deserves a living wage.