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Afraid for my children

The increase in mass shootings this year makes me afraid for my children's safety and future. The time is now to get real about the variety of changes we need to make our communities safe.

Oh boy, let's arm school staff

I find myself simply appalled at the suggestion teachers should be armed. As a special ed teacher for profoundly disabled children for over 30 years, I already passed their medication, set up and administered tube feeds, ground their school lunch to correct ...

Guns....only part of the problem

Yes, I like all the gun control you have mentioned in your flyer. BUT guns are not the only problem. This shooter's mom HAD done everything correctly, and I mean as in registering her guns and having permits. The problem is he had access to them. That ...

The Work We Have Before Us

I have remained largely silent, at least in online conversations, regarding the recent mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Over the course of the last few days, I have had a variety of emotions that have included deep and pervasive ...
—Bonnie WA

I had to tell my 9 year old what to do in a drive-by shooting

I live a short distance from downtown Seattle and felt safe in my neighborhood for years. But in the past year we've had more drive-by shootings than ever within a 3-mile radius of our home. After a father of 2 was killed by a stray bullet (with his children ...

A Safe America

I begin this story with first saying a prayer for all the people who have been killed by a gun in the U.S.

I first came to understand the power of automatic weapons when I lived in Oakland, California, as an undergraduate student from 2004 to 2009. ...


What We've Descended To

I am deeply ashamed of the element in my beloved country that espouses barbarism, with weaponry the means of managing life. I am horrified at those who promote access to guns by anyone with the money to pay: Walmart stands out as a traitor to civilized ...


I am optimistic that with President Obama's leadership, Congress will pass gun control legislation. With the deaths of the children and school staff, this time feels different to me. Homes with guns in them have three times more fatalities than those ...

Fear of guns in a new job

I am preparing to start my new job as a social worker going into clients' homes in crisis situations. It will be my job to stay in the home until it is deamed safe in my expert opinion. If there are not stricter gun laws I will have to face the very real ...

The House of Tomorrow

Writer, poet, painter Kahlil Gibran is best known for his book, The Prophet, which contains his philosophy on various subjects about life. In his advice "On Children," he says, "You may house their bodies but not their souls; for their souls dwell in ...
—Patricia NM

My 5 yr-old son's dream

Attached is a photo of my kindergardener's picture for MLK Day. His statement was unprompted and unassisted. He remains deeply affected by the CT tragedy even though we shared only enough to prepare him for comments from older kids at his school. I am ...

Our Daughter Survived Her Shooting, Many Are Not So Fortunate

In the summer of 2004, our then 16-year-old daughter was the victim of an 18-year-old young man playing with his father's handgun. Our daughter was shot in the chest with a .22 caliber handgun. It is amazing how much damage a small bullet can cause! She ...

Why I'm scared of - but also amused by - people who are scared of gun control

I am a mom of two boys, and one of my best friends had a son with severe PTSD (Afghan war vet) who killed himself with a gun. If guns were not so available, he might still be alive. I also post a weekly YouTube video, a mix of social & political satire, ...

Gun violence ricochets for decades

While riding the city bus one day, a woman lamented about the death of another child in our city to gun violence. A toddler had been murdered by a shooter aiming for someone else. This sparked a conversation between all of us at the front of the bus, ...


My nephew was attending a birthday party in VA when two uninvited guests appeared. They were asked to leave but returned shortly after with two friends. They proceeded to argue about not being allowed in when suddenly one pulled a gun. While trying to ...

Wrong place but right setting

I could tell of several family members, but I prefer to tell of my experiences.

When I was seven years of age, a large group of kids including myself were playing in front of the home in which I lived. We were playing tag and riding bicycles in the ...

—Mary SC

A Schizophrenic's Arsenal

A family member is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia with psychosis. He has a good paying job he has held for over twenty years. He went off his anti-psychotic medication after his wife died several years ago and he began having paranoid delusions ...

I would blame you, decision maker

I would blame you, my elected official, or any elected official, if you vote down sensible gun control laws in the advent myself, my family, my friends, were ever injured by a person wielding a gun. We need gun control, and we need it now. We the people ...
—margo NJ

War story et al

I have been shooting since I was 4 years old. I have an honorable education and sensitivity in this but throughout my life I have seen over and over the dishonorable, the nonsensical and the horrific at the controlling end of a fire breathing weapon. ...

Spreading Non-violence and Message of Peace in the School

Hi. For the past 10 years, the volunteers of Shanti Fund go to school districts in Long Island and spread the message of non-violence. Recently on Gandhi's death anniversary with the cooperation of the Suffolk County Police Dept, we launched an Gun Buy-Back ...
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