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I just had to discontinue my health insurance of over $600 a month for just me under the state's uninsurable pool because I have a chronic health condition. It was more than my mortgage. As a single mom, I have to put together several part-time flexible ...

Former top one percent unemployed four years hurting now that savings are almost drained

Believe me, I understand that it hurts to lose money. We were affluent. We always paid all our taxes and gave to charity. We saved our money and have retirement funds we can't touch now. We are paying almost $2,000 monthly for health insurance that ...

Unemployed since November 2008

I am a legal seasoned secretary and have been looking for work continuously. I have and it has been a strain on me financially. My unemployment will cease if the cliff is not stopped. Then, what will I do?

Congress must take some action not only for ...



I am a single adult, drawing social security and working full time as well. If I didn't work full time I could not make it on my social security alone. We have not received a raise where I work in over 3 years. We need the government to realize how ...

Single in the City

Even though Portland Maine is off the beaten path, living expenses here are way higher than i had anticipated when i took a job here. A year later, that company had lay-offs and I've been struggling and freelancing ever since, paying huge amounts to have ...

Belt Tightener

I'm a single dad who pays child support, but picks up his daughter from school every day. I have a regular job and live paycheck to paycheck. I cook at home because I can't afford to eat out, just fine with that. I don't own a TV or have cable, fine with ...

So-called "entitlements" are our livelihood

My husband and I work as therapists in the mental health field, and we have always chosen to work with the disadvantaged, who don't always have access to the best care. If cuts to Medicaid and to state programs that insure children continue, we won't ...

Need a break

I am a single Mom with a 15 year old daughter. She is a wonderful girl and is doing well in school. We live in a very nice apartment right now but because of the economy we will have to now move to a one bedroom apartment just so that I can start to ...
—Tonya VA

Middle Class my rear-end

I have worked since I have been 14 years old. I have paid taxes etc as expected as a good american. Along with my wife between my regular job's salary, her salary, her 2nd job salary and my military retirement pay, we barely make 252, 000. I am not ...


I work two jobs and my husband has his own business. We rearranged our lives and jobs so that our three children could have a better life - so that I could pay off my undergraduate and graduate debt - so that we could pay our mortgage. Forget about ...

Already at the edge of the cliff

I work part-time for a nonprofit, so my job doesn't offer benefits. My husband lost the job he'd had for 15 years in April; although he has 20 years of experience, he's also of a "certain age" and hasn't been able to find a comparable position in his ...

Barely Making it

My husband and I own a small business . We ventured into this business right before 2008. Needless to say we have been facing our own cliff every since. We have two children and earn 65,000 gross a year . Our daughter has a rare genetic disease that is ...

One step closer to third world

If tax breaks are not changed immediately for the wealthiest 2%, our country is that much closer to being a third world country with the wealthiest at the top controlling the poor with no working class in between.

Stop trying to sneak laws in under complicated ...


Nickeled and dimed

My husband works on some of the most expensive cars in the world- Lamborghinis and Bentleys- in San Francisco. He's worked for the company for nearly 10 years but we still struggle to make ends meet. The company has done away with 401k matching, makes ...

It isn't a cliff, unless you're really rich.

My family, and the entire country, was doing just fine under the Clinton-era tax rates. Cutting taxes under Bush didn't produce a giant economic boost, quite the contrary. There's not been any convincing evidence of a correlation between tax rates and ...

My Fiscal Cliff

If taxes are raised on middle class families it will impact my family sharply. My husband will be cut off of unemployment benefits in late January leaving us with just my salary and what I can bring in from my very small home-based business. That would ...

Don't put my son out with the trash.

Autism has no barriers, and the wealthiest Americans are as much at risk of having their children affected as we are. But the difference is that they probably have health insurance, and they can afford to pay for the life-changing therapies that will ...


I am 61 years old and my husband has cancer. He is still trying to work but it is difficult. We've exhausted what was left after the crash of our 401k to pay for medical bills, home is underwater so we can't sell and if our taxes go up or we loose our ...

Day to day

I am a college graduate, with honors nonetheless from a top ranked school. I serve families with prenatal and postnatal education and nutrition consults and refer for services they need. Ironically after my divorce and on a single income I became the ...

How many more jobs can I do?

I am a mom of 2, married and work 3 jobs. My full-time and 2 part-time. I am up at 4:30 most mornings to get lunches together and myself ready to be at work at 6am. After my full-time I will go and work a few more hours at my other jobs. I usually get ...
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