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Grow up!

As a daughter of a mother in her eighties, as a mother and grandmother, as a successful small business owner ( and one who would be taxed at a higher rate under President Obama's plan) I strongly urge all members of Congress to look at the facts, take ...

It's Simple Math

Middle and lower class Americans have been feeling the heat for years. While salaries are stagnant or lowered, everything else is going up, from Health, Auto and homeowner insurances, to power and water bills, to food, clothing and every other basic necessity.

All ...


Our own lost generation

Too many of our children are graduating from college and are unable to find suitable employment; at the same time they are burdened with unsustainable levels of student debt which cannot be paid with the minimum wage jobs they are being forced to take. ...


I am a college professor and my husband runs a small business that we personally financed. We live in a rural community in Western New York, an incredibly tough area to run a retail establishment in. We have four children, and we live month-to-month ...

expenses piling up, might sell home

I've been paying on my home for 11 years. Since Busch was in office, I considered but I feel the pressure more and more to sell my home and rent.

the cost to up keep is killing me along with the rise in fuel prices. My job is 40 miles one way. Quitting ...



I am a public school teacher. I am still paying off my loans from grad school. My husband is currently in grad school and still paying off his under graduate loans.

We are both in our 30's and professionals; however, we still cant afford to start saving ...

—Megan WA

Help Middle Class America!

We aren't in the position to stretch our budget any further. We are a young family with 2 children and are expecting a third. Just meeting our necessary family expenses - food, heat, clothes - is a challenge. Cutting back on Medicaid, Medicare, and ...

Pay Their Fair Share!

Yes!! End the Bush tax cuts! The wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share. They influence a larger percentage of the economy, and should accept responsibility for that. My husband is disabled and we rely on Social Security and Medicare for his ...

Struggling Citizen

I'm a single parent of two boys. I am gainfully employeed as an Analytical Chemist. On a good day, I am struggling to pay the mortgage, heat my house, feed my family, and provide a solid future for my loved ones. A tax increase will put an undue burdon ...

no disposable income

I have been working full time since 1986. I am fortunate to still have a job but because of the financial crisis beginning in 2005, my income has stayed the same but my costs have increased every year.

I am working longer hours for less money. Since I ...


When will all my hard work payoff ...Are you smarter than a 5th Grader

I have worked since I was 16. My parents raised me with the the best you can be no matter what your job may be give it all you got and be proud of your work. But lately I wonder what is it all for? I see the rich getting richer and the poor ...

Give us a break

My wife and I are 67 and 66 respectively and still working. We look forward to retiring in the next few years. We are counting on Social Security to supplement our income and on Medicare to help with medical expenses. Tax hikes and reductions to government ...
—John PA

Stretching one income for three households

My husband is retired and receives some income for retirement, but we are holding together three different households due to the economy. If just one emergency hits, we would be wipped out along with two other households. I am still working but, on ...

Trying Hard

I am an almost 66 year old woman who has worked since I was 15 years old. I must continue to work, even though I would like to retire, because I cannot exist on Social Security each month. I need to have a total knee replacement, but cannot do so because ...

Fiscal Cliffs are Everywhere . . .

I'm going to give it to you straight: I was once a member of the middle-class, and now I am poor. We cannot afford to live the way we used to, and probably never will again. I worry about my children, and their children, and what will happen to them ...

Our Fiscal Cliff

Our family has been on a fiscal cliff for the past three years. My husband has only found work on and off, and my salary was cut last year. We are trying to dig out of a mound of debt, and if our taxes go up it will be even harder. I think the tax cuts ...

I don't know how much more we can take.

I am a single mother trying to do my absolute best for my daughter. I have to work full time, and therefore my child is in childcare before/after school.

There isn't anything left after my mortgage, bills and a few activities for my child.

The recent ...


Some of us have already fallen off a fiscal cliff!

I am 61 years old and have been working since I was 14 years old. I have raised children, put myself through college, and am now raising a grandchild. My husband and I make less than $100,000 a year and over the past 10 years we have seen our standard ...


This will be a disaster for my family. We are already dealing with high gas prices which has put a strain on our budget. If our tax rate goes up we will definately not go on vacation this year. I will have to scale down or maybe even stop putting money ...


Hi, I'm Dina. I am a clerk who works for the pa state government. My husband is a seasonal worker. He collects unemployment during the winter months. His unemployment is a fraction of what he makes normally.

We had to move back home with my mom ...

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