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On a Fixed Income

I jusr recently retired after teaching middle and high school for 36 years. I am raising my grandson on a fixed income. I cannot afford anymore money coming out of my meager check. If I was a millionaire or a billionaire, I would be happy to help out ...

Everything is so expensive!

My husband and I have a newborn baby and a 3 year old. We are both college educated and work full time. Costs of food, gas and healthcare keep going up. I have not had a cost of living raise in 5 years, but I am very thankful for our employment. It's ...

Lost it all to Bankruptcy

I grew up in a proud military family, my grandfather, an Admiral in the Coast Guard, and superintent of the Coast Guard Academy was a veteran in WWI and WWII, and my father was a Coast Guard Captain and also a veteran of WWII. They both had spotless records, ...

Middle/Lower Class Family & In-Home Childcare Provider

I am a 39 year old mother of an awesome 6 year old son. I have worked as an in-home childcare provider for the past 7 years. Working with and for children and their families has always been my passion. It is a highly fulfilling and demanding job that ...

I paid into S.S. and need it now!

I grew up in a proud military family. I lived with my grandfather on the U.S. Coast Guard Academy when he was the Superintent there. My father was a carrer officer, as well. My grandfather, an Admiral, was a veteran of both World Wars, and my father a ...


If the working and middle class have to pay taxes on every penny they earn why shouldn't the wealthy also.

hurtling towards the cliff

As an aging electrician, my husband can't go on those high ladders any more. Recent college graduates, out kids can't find work in anything except food service. That leaves me, "Mom with PhD" as the only real "breadwinner" for the four of us if I could ...

Caught between large family debt and lack of opportunity

We have three very bright children who completed at least two degrees and our youngest now completing a third. For two of them there was no job opportunity in sight even after two degrees. Hardly anything advertised, even in Law. Our son's a lawyer. ...

Doing my share to help my country.

Even though I'm eligible for retirement in 2013, I've decided to continue to work past 66. Just trying to do my share to help my country and to serve as a good example for my grandchildren.

My family needs stability

I have two boys in high school. One's a senior and looking at college next year. I need to know that Washington is totally committed to giving families like mine the ability to keep our heads above water.

I gotta tell you, I can't afford to give a dime ...


Really, it makes sense.

The cost of living is nowhere near millions of dollars. If that is your salary, you can afford to pay your fair share of taxes so that children, seniors, single parents and others who count their pennies every day can afford basic necessities like health ...

Scraping by

We are $50,000 in debt due to college loans and health care expenses. We are just making our payments and holding on to our house. We are worried about missing one payment and seeing our interest rates shoot to 24%! We cannot afford to pay and more in ...

Single mom and happy

I have an amazing son who, thankfully, just graduated with scholarships and honors from high school. While raising him much on my own, I needed state and federal support (food and medical) while I went to school to obtain skills to help my community (I ...

It's all about the Heart

I am a single, professional mother. I have tried to do all things right regarding my life planning...but circumstances continue to push me backwards. I am a college graduate who spent over 15 years working in the IT industry, before I was laid off due ...

Can't afford not to have tax cut

I have cancer, can barley afford my oral chemo now, without the tax cuts continuing, I can not afford my medication, I am retired on medicare!!~

Winding down

I am a retiree after teaching for 35 years. During that time, I contributed to both Social Security and our state pension plan. Already, our pensions have been cut and future COLAs ended. If Social Security and Medicare takes a hit, I will be slipping ...

Protect the middle class

Everyday expenses are increasing while our salaries and insurance coverage are shrinking. I work for the state of Nevada and have a work furlough and have list my step salary increases and longevity pay. My daughter will be going to college in 4 years ...


In April 2013, I will be moving from my home of 17 years because if inappropriate lending practices and being ignorant to the full facts at the time refinancing occurred. Now, I am fully educated and aware that a "balloon" payment is due. Yet, I have ...

People need to pay their share

I am not concerned about my taxes being raised. I am concerned about people on medicaid not getting medical treatment. I'm concerned about the threat to medicare. I'm concerned about people not having regular meals.

Raise taxes, don't cut essential ...


Women Carry the Economy

I have so many single mom friends who have no choice but to work hard every day, at both their jobs and raising their kids. For them, there is no break.

It is these very women who are making most of the financial decisions in their families, they ...

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